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John Piper on An Amazing (Unused?) Means of Change

Last night I was reading old Taste and See articles by John Piper. I came across one called,”An Amazing (Unused?) Means of Change,” and I was stuck by how fresh it read for being from 1993. Here a few quotations from it:

What you set your mind on determines whether the issue is life or death.

One of the most remarkable capacities of the human mind is the capacity to direct its own attention to something it chooses. We can pause and say to our minds, “Think about this, and not that.” We can focus our attention on an idea or a picture or a problem or a hope….Humans have the amazing ability to think about thinking and to choose an object of thought to dwell on. This is a gift from God, part of his image in us. And it is an immensely powerful means of our becoming what we ought to be. Have you been neglecting this great weapon in the arsenal of your war against sin? The Bible calls us again and again to use this remarkable gift. Let’s take it out and shine it up and put it to use.

Our emotions are governed in large measure by what we considerwhat we dwell on with our minds.

Read the whole article here.

Free Copy of What Jesus Demands of the World By John Piper

Desiring god is giving away a pdf copy of What Jesus demands of the world by John Piper. Click here to get yours. Here is a description of the book:

The four Gospels are filled with demands straight from the mouth of Jesus Christ. These demands are Jesus’ way of showing us who he is and what he expects of us. They’re not the harsh demands of a taskmaster.

For example, the demand that we come to Jesus is like a father saying to his child in a burning window, “Jump to me!” Or a loving husband saying to an unfaithful wife, “Come home!”

What Jesus demands from the world can be summed up as, “Trust and treasure me above all.” This is good news!

In What Jesus Demands from the World, John Piper gathers many of Jesus’ commands from the Gospels. He begins with an introduction that puts them in a redemptive-historical context, then concisely examines each one. The result is an accessible introduction for thoughtful inquirers and new believers, as well as deep meditations for veteran believers.

New John Piper Book For Free

Would you like to learn to trust God more as suffering comes into your life? Me too. John Piper’s new book, A Sweet and Bitter Providence, will help you do just that and it is available free of charge in a pdf right here. below is are two videos; the first highlighting why this book will be a help to your heart and the second being piper explaining why he wrote this book.

Is God Boring?

Mike Jones’ Favorite Reads of 2009

Rethinking Retirement by John Piper
This little essay won’t necessarily lift you to some great and lofty, theological height (as Piper is so often prone to do) but it is profoundly practical, especially for so many believers surrounded by worldly wisdom about work, money and retirement (like myself). Much of Piper’s short treatise on retirement is about the true glory for which we strive as believers, not the glory of riches or contentment on this earth, but the glory of our future home with our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. And when we live a life full of the expectation of our perseverance toward that final glory our aim in our final years and days will continue to be for His glory. The rest and respite so many in this world strive for in those final years is but dust compared to the glory we will bask in before the throne. So why would we stop our perseverance on this earth for some temporary and failing rest from the true work of making the gospel known?
Click here to download it in a PDF for FREE

Humility by C.J. Mahaney
Mahaney has quickly become one of my favorite authors for the concise practicality he brings to high thoughts on God and our relationship with Him, as redeemed sinners. In Humility Mahaney again addresses my most inward need for a savior and gives me hope that through the daily remembering, remarking on, and savoring of the gospel of Jesus Christ I am brought low that He might be made most in my heart and life. Pride is such a ruthless enemy that only the Lord of all the earth could conquer it in my heart. I daily need to be reminded of this and Mahaney brings many practical ideas and tools to bear in order to draw me close to Jesus and His grace and to persevere against the temptations of pride.

Tribes by Seth Godin
I do not recommend this book for most believers but thought that as Seth Godin is a very hot topic in the marketing and sales world right now a review of one of his more recent books might be apropos. The essence of Tribes is that for amazing things to happen (whatever it is you are passionate about) people must passionately lead the tribes we as human beings naturally form (around ideas, shared interests, religions, ethnicities, political affiliations, etc.). While mainly focusing on business and marketing leadership, Godin’s ideas can easily stretch to any body of humans. His is clearly a man-centered perspective on how change happens in societies, however much of it is based on accurate descriptions of human behavior that can even be found in the Bible. Humans do naturally congregate and follow passionate leaders (think the tower of Babel, the early nations of the world, or even the Church for that matter, following the one and only truly perfect leader, Jesus). And many of Godin’s remarks on what makes a great leader (such as humility and the willingness to serve others) ring true with a Biblical worldview. However, Godin never fully reaches who in history (and beyond) is creating the ultimate tribe, Jesus Himself. The Church, its formation and growth, as Christ’s body, His redeemeed people, His bridegroom, and His future kingdom-dwellers are the tribe history is swirling around and racing toward! One good take-away for myself from Tribes was Godin’s emphasis on creating and maintaining a passionate tribe. Within the church I think this must be realized in our resolve to remain grounded at all costs in God’s Word and intensely focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all that we do. When we lose this passion and this focus we will lose sight of what it means to be the Church.

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