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Jesus Paid Taxes

Here is a very helpful message on the christian and government for you all by Mark Dever. Great stuff to consider heading into the election next Tuesday. Click here to listen.


Something to Consider

The first sexual thought in the universe was God’s, not man’s. —Doug Barnett

Who Do I Work For Anyway? or How To View My Boss and Job

Some times going to work is hard. Some times having a boss is tough. I recently found myself thinking  about this reality. I found myself forgetting who i work for. I went to God’s word for help. Below are 3 questions I now ask myself every morning before I go in to work:

Am I viewing my master (read boss or supervisor) as worthy of all honor (1st Tim 6:1)?

Why do I need to view them will all honor? because God tells that how we show honor is tied to heather or not the name of God and our doctrine will be spoken against or not.

Am I obeying my master (read boss or supervisor) the way i would Jesus (eph 6:5-8)?

to put another way am I working for my current boss the way i would if Jesus was my boss? Ouch.

Am I obeying my master (read boss or supervisor) from the heart or only giving eye service (eph 6:5-8)?

to rephrase this one, are you doing what you’re asked because you are being watch or because you want to obey as a slave of Christ? Double ouch!

Lastly, remember that God holds all of your life, even 9-5, in his hands and is working it out for our good.

More than a doctrine to be held

Ransomed men need no longer pause in fear to enter the Holy of Holies.  God wills that we should push on into His Presence and live our whole life there.  This is to be known to us in conscious experience.  It is more than a doctrine to be held, it is a life to be enjoyed every moment of every day. –A. W. Tozer, The Pursuit of God


Why Must Christians Suffer?

As I was reading last night in 2 Corinthians 4:7-18 I was cut to the heart by God’s words about why we, who are believers in Jesus Christ, are to suffer on this side of heaven. Here are just a few thoughts I jotted down that may encourage you as you face trials and difficulties throughout this life.

Why do we suffer?

  • To prove that the power we hold in Christ does not initiate from our own will but belongs to God.
  • To prove the steadfastness of God’s love for His people. We are afflicted but not crushed, persecuted but not forsaken, struck down but not destroyed.
  • To associate ourselves and our souls with the suffering and death of Christ that we might in turn associate ourselves with His life and the life He gives.
  • So that  in pouring out ourselves for the sake of those called by God, the life found in Christ would live in them.
  • So that the grace of God would extend to more and more people for the purpose of increasing worship to the glory of God.
  • So that we would be prepared for eternal glory.
  • So that we would not place our hope in the temporal things of this world but to the eternal, unseen things in the world to come.

I was humbled by this passage. How often do I groan and complain about the momentary afflictions of this life? These things are to my benefit, and better than that, to the betterment of the whole body of Christ!

Oh that in every affliction I would praise the One who has set tribulation before me to prepare His bride for His wedding day!

I encourage you to check out the actual scripture. This post is merely my feeble attempt to distill God’s holy word into a list that my limited mind can digest. His words have been, continue to be, and will forever be far superior to mine.

on misunderstanding the purpose of words

When Christians can describe both crap and God as “holy,” maybe we’re misunderstanding the purpose of words. -Bob Kauflin

Ouch. bobby boy has my number. convicted…again.

Reading the Church Fathers, Writing Well For God’s Glory and Bridges on our Power

Justin Taylor has a great post on Reading the Church Fathers: A Beginner’s Guide.

Over at TGC Reviews site there is a great interview with Justin Taylor, Collin Hansen, Kevin DeYoung, and John Starke on Clarity Seeking God’s Glory: A Discussion on Writing Well.

Lastly, a great quote I saw at this great blog I read:

The Christian is not like an automobile with a self-contained power source; rather, he is like an electric motor that must be constantly connected to an outside current for its power. Our source of power is in the risen Christ, and we stay connected to Him by beholding Him in His Word and depending on Him in prayer.- Jerry Bridges, from The Fruitful Life

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