On the Truth of the Matter.

“Nobody wants to perform abortions after ten weeks, because by then you see the features of the baby, hands, feet. It’s really barbaric.” – abortionist quoted in M.D. Doctors Talk About Themselves, by John Pekkanen, p. 93


Meditations on the Link Between Slavery and Abortion

I would like to take some time to explore the link between slavery and abortion. Is the connection I’m trying to draw defendable; does it hold up to examination. If it does what should be done in response. I will in this post argue that there is a strong racist undertone to abortion in America and then recommend a way to fight for justice and racial reconciliation. I would like to start with a quote that almost noted me out of my chair.

“[The] incidence of abortion has resulted in a tremendous loss of life. It has been estimated that since 1973 Black women have had about 10 million abortions [probably up to 13 million now]. Michael Novak . . . calculated, “Since the number of current living Blacks (in the U.S.) is 31 million, the missing 10 million represents an enormous loss, for without abortion, America’s Black community would now number 41 million persons. It would be 35 percent larger than it is. Abortion has swept through the Black community like a scythe, cutting down every fourth member.” -Rev. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. founder of blackgenocide.org

the link is direct and visible; we (White America) can no longer enslave blacks and we can no longer legally segregate and marginalize them as a community so in the name of freedom and choice we have fooled them in to paying their former white master a fee to kill their future as a community. This is truly horrifying and must be opposed. To not stand up in opposition of this reality is to spurn justice. Again I will allow the African American community to speak for its self.

“We have been fueled by the fire of “women’s rights,” so long that we have become deaf to the outcry of the real victims whose rights are being trampled upon, the babies and the mothers. . . . What about the rights of each baby who is artificially breached before coming to term in his or her mother’s womb, only to have her skull punctured, and feel, yes agonizingly “feel” the life run out of her before she takes her first breath of freedom. What about of the rights of these women who have been called to pioneer the new frontiers of the new millennium only to have their lives snuffed out before the calendar even turns?

Oh, God, what would Martin Luther King, Jr., who dreamed of having his children judged by the content of their characters do if he’d lived to see the contents of thousands of children’s skulls emptied into the bottomless caverns of the abortionists pits?

It is time for America, perhaps the most blessed nation on earth to lead the world in repentance, and in restoration of life! . . . Abortion is at the forefront of our destruction. Partial Birth Abortion is perhaps the most heinous form of this legal genocide. . . . The only healing and redemption is in the blood of Jesus, blood willingly shed so that we could stand today and cry out for the blood of the unborn that is drenching the land of our children.

. . . [Martin Luther] King [Jr.] once said, “The Negro cannot win as long as he is willing to sacrifice the lives of his children for comfort and safety.” How can the “Dream” survive if we murder the children? Every aborted baby is like a slave in the womb of his or her mother. . . . If the Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is to live, our babies must live. Our mothers must choose life. If we refuse to answer the cry of mercy from the unborn, and ignore the suffering of the mothers, then we are signing our own death warrants.

I too, like Martin Luther King, Jr., have a dream. I have a dream that the men and women, the boys and girls of America will come to our senses, and humble ourselves before God Almighty and pray for mercy, and receive His healing grace. I pray that this is the day, the hour of our deliverance. May God have mercy on us all.” -Dr. Alveda C. King is the daughter of Rev. A. D. King, Martin Luther King’s brother. She is the founder of King for America.

Simply put for the Democratic Party to attempt to be the party of racial reconciliation is foolishness. Additionally, for those of you who are die hard republicans. I would like to remind you that they are just as lost. On party cares only for those who are already born and others only care for their wallets and the bottom line. Read the words of john piper on the issue. Writing on his blog Piper hits the nail on the head; the GOP can’t save you. Furthermore the GOP of yesterday that all of my republican friends speak so wistfully about can’t save you, it can’t change anything. Yes, it’s true that it could maybe on a good day lower my taxes and shrink government, but in light of eternity these are seen as nothing. Piper writes, “The inconsistencies of liberal and conservative compassion do not define the nature of good and evil.

That there are liberals who talk compassion for the weak and oppressed, but support the butchery of the weakest persons (the unborn even to the point of birth) does not make abortion less evil.

That there are conservatives who talk compassion for unborn persons, but feel little interest or compassion for their own neighbors, let alone the sorrows of the countless poor, does not make inattentive heartlessness less evil.

That liberals justify their support for butchery in the name of freedom, and conservatives justify their indifference to the miseries of poverty in the name of freedom, does not conceal the selective nature of the freedoms they want. The one says, Keep your hands off my body. The other says, Keep your hands off my wallet.

Will there ever arise a leader who can articulate a dream for overcoming this divide? There is such a Leader. But he will never be elected. His kingdom is “not of this world.” Therefore, it is both infinitely relevant and intolerably repulsive to the world. When he promotes his Way he gets crucified.

Yet, short of his perfection, let us pray that leaders will arise who labor with heart and hand, through Jesus Christ, to be wisely compassionate and to overcome every contradiction of the compassionate heart. ”

Jesus. That is it! It is Jesus is who will change things. The political element of all of this has such limitations. Prayer does not. Evangelism does not. In response to all of this I would ask you to pray that abortion is ended and ask God what part you should play in it. Jesus died for all sins. The abortionist is winnable; the hardcore pro choice girls in my political science classes are winnable. We need to believe in the power of the gospel to change hearts and culture. We need to believe that God can change anything. for those of us who are Christian we defy the testimony of the blood of Christ in our own life when we say things like,” they will never change…they will only get judgment and condemnation.” I ask you to join me in asking God to save them and join me in believing He can and will.

On the Citizens Responsibility to Preserve His Freedoms

“Those who desire that every individual should preserve his rights, and that all men may live free from injury, must defend the political order [against tyranny] to the utmost of their ability.”- John Calvin

On Capitalism and the Need For a Christian Critque

“Capitalism has trounced all its enemies: socialism and communism and the rest. But it is now at its greatest danger, both as a theory and as something practical in terms of, say, daily consumerism. And we as followers of Jesus must give a theoretical critique of capitalism and a very practical critique of capitalism in terms of shopping malls, etc. And if we don’t, it is going to undermine itself and our culture.” – Os Guinness from a 9 Marks.org interview

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