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Piper speaking about the gospel driven, gospel focused movement.


Can we trust the 66 Books of the Bible?

Sunday Meditation; John Piper on What the Gospel is

Meditations on the Racial, Ethnic and Eternal Realities of Life

When I interact with people I always try to take into account two things; first I try and view them, spiritually speaking, a 100 years from now. When I do this I’m faced with the reality of heaven, hell, the eternal nature of the soul and divine judgment. Either your evil is covered by the blood of Jesus or it isn’t. . These are sobering thoughts. They snap you out of silly, inpersonal indifference and instead lead you to a somberness that is also hopeful; hopeful that they might consider the claims of Christ and that the Spirit of God might be moving to cover them with Christ’s blood.

The other thing I try and consider is their background. When I say background I really mean their race and ethnic identity along with a few other things. When I ponder where they are from our what their upbringing was like I am reminded of God’s desire to save all men and the fact that in revelation 5 we see all of the peoples of the earth represented around the throne of God and I come to the reality that because not all men will be saved both heaven and hell will both be ethnically diverse.

Along these lines I came across a quotation form John Piper as made the kind of considerations. Piper Writes, “The difference between heaven and hell is not that heaven will be ethnically diverse and hell won’t be. Both will be diverse. All races and all ethnicities and all cultures will be present in hell.

The difference between heaven and hell is that in heaven—that is, in the new heaven and new earth—there will be perfect racial and ethnic harmony, but in hell, racial and ethnic animosities will reach their fullest fury and last forever.

Paul spoke of the ethnic diversity of hell in Romans 2:9,

There will be tribulation and distress for every human being who does evil, the Jew first and also the Greek.

“Jew and Greek” was shorthand for all ethnic groups.

We know he is talking about hell here because the opposite is eternal life:

To those who by patience in well-doing seek for glory and honor and immortality, he will give eternal life. (Romans 2:7)

Therefore, everyone who loves racial diversity and racial harmony will call all ethnic groups everywhere to believe on Jesus Christ, the Son of God, because

Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him. (John 3:36)

Heaven will be all the sweeter because the ethnic diversity that God designed for the good of his creation and the glory of his grace will last forever in perfect harmony and joy.”

I hope these are helpful thoughts for meditation of the eternal realities of life as well as the racial one.

on Heart Devotions and Head Study

I would like to share a blogpost that John Piper made on the desiring God website that hits so close to my heart and my thinking about the Christian life, the unwasted life and why this blog exists. Here is Piper in his own words:
“This is a plea that all of you would build into your lives both personal devotions and purposeful study of God’s word.


Daily prayerful meditation seeking personal application of God’s word to your own heart and life.


Regular study in a class or with a book where the (living or dead) teacher has seen more than you have and can give you insight in 30 minutes that might otherwise take you ten years to see.

The reason I plead for both is that without a book or a class about what some part of the Bible means and a teacher who is ahead of you, your devotions will probably flatten out at a low level of insight.

Year after year you will go over the same biblical ground and find it as perplexing as before. There will be little advance in understanding. This will tend to take the heart out of devotional reading, because the lack of growth cannot sustain the joy.

Seek out preaching, books, and classes which take you further in grasping what various books and texts in the Bible mean.”

I wholeheartedly agree with Piper and in large part the reason this blog exists is to provides a place to do just what he is talking about; heartfelt devotion rooted in the word of God and head study from history for the benefit of contemporary man. Let us think hard on the Bible and what it has for us, and let us use all of our mind and the help of history to arrive at the correct conclusions. So often I hear one of these principles lifted high at the expense of the other, let us do both, use our hearts to search the word and our minds to do the same, with help from those who have walked before us in humble orthodoxy . Click here to view the DG post.

Lecture of the Week; John Piper

This week’s lecture comes to use by way of John Piper. it is entitled, “Abortion and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.” the address deals with the what happens when we fight God to play God in regard to abortion as well as other issues. John is the author of many books, including Desiring God (click here to download the whole book for free), Don’t Waste Your Life (click here to download the whole book for free), God is the Gospel and his newest work, Finally Alive. Click here to download the Lecture of the Week.

On the Ture Nature of Morality and the Dangers of Subverting that Truth

The modern secular world—the world which tries to remove God from his all-creating, all-sustaining, all-defining, all-governing place—has no choice but to make itself god and to create its own morality. In other words, when man abandons God and his self-revelation as the source of what is objectively true and right and beautiful, the next highest court of appeal is man himself.If God is not the measure of what is true and right and beautiful, then I am and you are. And since we—the god called “you,” and the god called “me”—may not agree, the result will be: Might makes right. And everything in education, and media, and politics in this God-evicting world becomes a battle for power. Not a quest for objective truth and right and beauty, since there isn’t any, but a power-struggle. Because the one who has the power, in a world without God, defines reality. Defines what is true. Defines what is right. Defines what is beautiful. And there is no court of appeal in heaven for the weak. Man is god. And the powerful man is god-Almighty—the maker of the truth, the inventor of what is right, and the definer of what is beautiful. And the bloodiest century in the history of the world—the twentieth century with its Stalin and Hitler and Mussolini and Milosevic and Pot and Amin and Mao and Sung and Hussein and the abortion industry—prove it with horrifying evidence. –John Piper for a 2005 sermon.

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