some things to think about

Piper speaking about the gospel driven, gospel focused movement.

    • mike
    • November 14th, 2010

    Thank God for this man. It is so kind of the Lord to raise up shepherds like Piper and Macarthur and others that have been around long enough and have been men of the Word long enough to know what it takes to live holy and therefore can diagnose issues. He brought up beer, and I said oh, because I love beer. He brought up the default movie for the weekend and I said oh, because I do just that. He brought up hip huggers and low neck lines and I said oh, because it is indeed “in” with our generation. But with all that mentioned it was addressed out of a genuine desire to see what God is doing in us not to be marred by sin. What an encouraging thought to have a man like John Piper looking at us and being able to give such glory to God. We should let this admonishing linger in our minds. And pray for our elders, pray that they would continue to show us how to live holy lives. Thanks to Russ also for posting this.

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