Lest We Forget



Regardless of your view on the war, these photographs are sober reminders of the conflict that grows older day by day. I was so moved that I wrote my new congressman to work hard to find solutions to the conflict so that we can leave at peace with our fellow man. It is not that I am anti war, I support the war in Afghanistan. It is just that I am so much more pro human and pro life than I am pro war. I desire with tears to find a meaningful peace in Afghanistan. I also understand the complexity of the conflict and am aware that there are no easy solutions. I ask that you would join me in asking The LORD for peace both here on earth between combatants and in the souls of the combatants on both sides. God will render all acounts paid; on the cross or in Hell. War and death are weighty things.

  1. November 10th, 2010

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