Ortlund on 1 Timothy 6:4 and Blogging

Great thoughts on blogging. take a look.

1 Timothy 6:4 and Blogging

  1. A wonderful and much needed post indeed. Thanks to Brother Russ for sending me this link. To convince myself that I have never been guilty of this ‘Blog-sniping’ is to deceive myself. Most of us have been guilty of it.

    I especially like the point where Dane said , “How deeply ironic, then, that it is often those most zealous for reformed doctrine who most need to hear 1 Timothy 6. We receive the gospel of grace with one arm (our doctrine) while stiff-arming the gospel with the other arm (our hearts)”.
    Here is an example –

    I join a Calvinist forum and share my testimony as to how God saved me from Satanism, Drugs and Heavy Metal Music and by and by opened my eyes to the truths of Sovereign Grace. Immediately I get bombarded by some Calvinist zealots who insist that I could have NEVER BEEN SAVED while I was an Arminian!

    Try telling them that the ‘Gospel’ that saves is neither the 5 Points of Calvinism or Arminianism but the SIMPLE TRUTH which the Apostle believed and preached to be the Gospel [1 Cor 15:1-4] and you are wasting your breath!

    Try telling them that there is a DIFFERENCE between Regeneration and Conversion and that some of the mighty defenders of Calvinism started out as Arminians. Augustus Toplady author of the immortal Hymn ‘Rock of Ages’ was saved in 1755. But it was not until 1758 he became a convinced Calvinist. Abraham Booth author of ‘The Reign of Grace’ was saved in 1755, but it wasn’t until 1768 that God opened his eyes to the truths of Sovereign Grace. Try telling them this and again you’re wasting your breath.

    The attitude being, “My mind is made up! Don’t confuse me with the facts”!

    And incidentally if you are a member of one of these forums managed by these Calvinist zealots, beware whom you quote from. It matters not if the quote is 100% Scriptural and according to the truth. If it is from one of those dreaded Arminians like J.C. Ryle or A.W. Tozer you are inviting trouble.

    There is almost a ‘spirit of fear’ while posting something on some of these Forums I am speaking of, for there are those who are eagerly waiting to pounce on you and chew your head off (if they could) by making you an ‘offender for a word’ [Isa 29:21].

    Oh may God help us to take this post by Dane to heart and be delivered from the evil of ‘Blog-sniping’!

  2. Mike,
    I have had similar experiences as the one you describe above.The “spirit of fear” you talk about is very real. I have found myself also sitting out discussions on blogs that I would have otherwise had in person just because of the nasty tone of the comments. Thank you for sharing that it was helpful to you. I was also helped by it.

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