Watchdogs of Doctrine – No False Doctrine! (Part 3/3)

This is the third part of a Watchdogs of Doctrine series, please read Part 1 & Part 2 first.

I told you before that I was going to change your paradigm about doctrine. I said that false doctrine is actually lies that cloak themselves in a coat of doctrine. Remember that…I want that to be in your thoughts when you come to Scripture. In 2 Timothy, Paul gives Timothy no room for interpretive differences. He charges Timothy to get rid of the garbage that isn’t Scriptural. However, today, 2000 years later, we have degraded the clarity of Scripture by creating the term “false Doctrine”. We have made room for word fights and ungodly speech by leaving room for Doctrinal debates.

Doctrine is what the Bible teaches. There is no false Doctrine!!!

But the Bible teaches us something more important from this story and that lesson doesn’t fall in Timothy.

Let’s look at Revelation 2. Before we read it, let me give you a little background…this is the part of John’s Revelation where he is hearing the description of the future of the church at Ephesus. He is getting a glimpse of how these guys are judged and how the story ends.

Let’s see how they did:

2 ‘I know your deeds and your toil and perseverance, and that you cannot tolerate evil men, and you put to the test those who call themselves apostles, and they are not, and you found them to be false;’

Great! They did it. Paul warned them of Hymeneaus and Philetus and they’re gone. This is a good report so far…let’s read on.

‘and you have perseverance and have endured for My name’s sake, and have not grown weary.’

More great news, if we remember the “remind them” section, it was centered around endurance and they did it. Ephesus gets a glowing review…

‘But I have this against you, that you have left your first love.’

OUCH…Knowledge is great. Doctrine is beautiful. Perseverance is vital, but if we forget why we’re doing this and whom we love, we’re wasting our time. Let me take a second and talk to you about why this is so important. God the Father saw Man and wanted us to know about Him intimately. But there was a divide. That divide was our sin. So God sent Himself as man to live the perfect life and be our sin for us. We created a divide and God removed it and now we CAN know Him…now we can Love Him. Actually, how can we NOT love Him. But that’s just what the church at Ephesus did.

And if you don’t know Jesus, if you don’t desire to learn about Him, about what it will be like to spend eternity basking in His riches, than you are missing out. The first love, or love for Jesus is a sweet sweet thing that we cannot miss out on and WE CANNOT LEAVE OUR FIRST LOVE.


Be VERY CAREFUL to love Him. We HAVE to love Him. We cannot forget that. Don’t let your emphasis of Scripture blow this one.

Let’s not argue, let’s Study Scripture well, and let’s keep our discussions God-centered, but if we do those things and forget our first love, than we lose everything…never forget your first love.

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