Watchdogs of Doctrine – Introduction (Part 1/3)

I want to start with a definition today.  I want to define Doctrine.  Doctrine is simply the summary teaching of Scripture about a specific topic.

So, when we hear the term, “doctrine of salvation” or doctrine of sin or doctrine of grace, we are simply saying that this is the summary of what God says about Himself as it relates to salvation, sin, or grace.

We love Doctrine.  We cherish Doctrine, because we love and cherish God. Doctrine is the single most wonderful gift that we can have from God.  We will spend eternity engulfed in nothing else.  Smedly said it best in his sermon on Heaven saying, “the infinite desires to be known by the finite.”  He goes on to tell us, that the reality of heaven is that we will spend eternity learning, but will never exhaust the riches of who God is; “God desires to be known by finite creatures.”

We will spend eternity learning about God.  We have an opportunity here on earth to learn about God.  Doctine…is…paramount…

Also, and pay attention to this one.  There is no such thing as false doctrine!  Let me say that again, because I’m going to change your paradigm in this series.  There is no such thing as false doctrine. This seems like a minor point to make or like I’m just focusing on semantics, but I will prove to you today that it means everything to God!

I am redfining False Doctrine.  From now on, if you see the term False Doctrine think: these are lies that cloak themselves in a coat of doctrine

Whoa…Matt.  That sounds harsh, angry, and negative.  It sounds like you’re going to offend someone if you call their understanding of doctrine lies.

I’m cool with that, because I believe that Scripture is clear about this and so we must be.  Over the next several posts, I will be sitting in 2 Timothy 2:14-18.  This series is in fact a sermon that I preached about a year and a half ago.  I spent hours in this passage and came out with a completely different view of and thirst for Scripture.  This passage and sermon prep has transformed my life and I hope that it has a small impact on yours.

In this series, I will lay out that Paul informs Timothy to be a Watchdog of Doctrine.  We will learn 3 ways to be watchdogs of doctrine.  But before we dig into that, let’s look at the beginning of verse 14.

“Remind them of these things and solemnly charge them in the presence of God.”

Hmm…There is a huge contrast there. I have been struggling with how to emphasize this differentiation in written word.  I mean look at it.  Paul is telling Timothy to remind the church of the preceding section.  The section on what a man of God looks like.  He is encouraging Timothy to endurance and suffering for His sake.  Which are amazingly important things, but then he transitions from that to a phrase that I could find nowhere else in Paul’s teaching.  Solemnly…charge…in the presence of God.  Solemnly charge in the presence of God.  I mean think about that.  Phrases like that don’t show up every day, but we’re there.  We’re at that phrase and it is time to sit up and listen.  We are being solemnly charged in God’s presense and we need to hear this.

How’s that for a teaser,  Watch for an upcoming post Titled, “Watchdogs of Doctrine – 3 Ways (Part 2/3)” for the continuation of this post.

  1. Great stuff. looking forward to the other posts! and yes you are harsh. and yes you are okay iwth it.

  1. October 11th, 2010

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