Your Input on a Prayer Group

So I recently met a fellow believer at work and after dialoging for a little bit we concluded that it may be beneficial if we started up a prayer group with fellow believers. I’ve never done anything like this (a prayer group) before at the workplace, so this is new territory for me.

These were a few of the thoughts, that we figured would healthy and helpful to pray through and about:

  • Repentance among unbelieving co-workers
  • Daily desire of obedience for those who do believer
  • Boldness with proclaiming and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Praise & worship for who God is in Jesus Christ

Well after inviting a group of individuals that I knew [personally or through a reliable source] professed faith and desired obedience a question arose. Are we giving the appearance of being elite, or would we cause jealousy towards others that were not invited or do not follow Christianity. The question came because within the email I stated that if they decided to invite others that they would also be striving to follow Jesus Christ as  He is revealed in Scripture. Needless to say I didn’t really think to much of it.

My response was simply that the desire of the group is to unify believers at the work and to pray for hearts (unbelieving and believing) that live according to the glory of God. My fear in having unbelievers participate is that they would receive a sense of comfort and assurance from the time, without ever coming to repentance (main unbelievers that I brought to the forefront were Mormon’s because we work with many).

We did talk through how if they truly did desire to come, I would like to have  a conversation with them to acknowledge the difference between them and those praying, and that Christianity is exclusive regardless of what society tells us. Yes the gospel is an open call, but not all respond, and Christian do not believe everyone is saved, because Jesus doesn’t save everyone nor says that He does, did, or will (Matthew 7:17-23).

So I’m writing to get feedback and thoughts on how you feel this should be handled. Does the prayer group need to be open for all without any conversation, should it be exclusive for those who profess faith, or is there a healthy medium. Or whatever thoughts you have would be helpful.

Grace and Peace

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