A Leadership Paradigm Shift

Leadership is an interesting topic for a Christian.  I have spent several years in the workplace learning to become a leader.  I have read many book about leadership and about great leaders.  I have spent time watching what I believe are good leaders and have tried to learn from them.  I have in fact created my own definitions of leadership.
A leader is one who guides people in a direction.
A GOOD leader is one who guides people in the proper direction; a direction in which he in willing to take the first steps towards.
A GREAT leader is one who guides good leaders in the proper direction and makes a significant impact based on that movement.
Everyone is in one form or another, is a leader.  The question is what type of leader do you want to be?  Personally
  • I want to be a great leader.
  • I do not want to stand on the sidelines or watch others change the world.  I want to do everything in my power to make those changes.
  • I want multitudes led to the cross behind me and those I lead.  God has burdened my heart with nothing less
So, how do I get there?  How can I be a great leader?  How can we as Christians be great leaders?  What if I had these attributes?
If I were all of these things, would I be a great leader?  If I had:
  • The Charisma of Joe Dimaggio
  • The unity of the 101st infantry
  • The vision and fortitude of John Adams
  • The discipline of Jonathan Edwards
  • The passion of Martyn Lloyd-Jones
How about?
  • The passion for the truth like John MacArthur
  • Could preach like John Piper
  • Or how about C.J. Mahaney
  • Or C.H. Spurgeon
What if I could?
  • Know theology like Wayne Grudem
  • Or never quit like William Carey
  • Or give up my life for the Gospel like Jim Elliott
  • Endure Suffering like Sheldon Vanauken or Joni Erickson Tada
  • Or draw God Pictures like C.S. Lewis
What if I could?
  • Preach
  • Train
  • Rebuke
  • Encourage
  • Serve
  • Empathize
  • Comfort
  • Endure
Like Jesus.  Would I be a great leader?  Is this the type of person you would follow?  Is this the type of person a church would follow?
Absolutely not!  Nowhere in Scripture are these attributes the definition of a great leader.
A Biblical Leader from Scripture is:
A great leader has a life transformed by the Christ through his death on the Cross and wants nothing but to see God Glorified.
Paul’s advice to churches on their leadership
…let’s look at Eph to see some advice he gave them.  Eph 1.  Wait…it’s not there.
I mean Phil…nope…must be Col…I can’t find the exhortation that Paul gives his churches to rally around their leader.  Instead Paul starts with the gospel in each of them.  Hmm…
Maybe that’s because the guide for our church lies not in a man…regardless of his ability to lead.  It lies in the Gospel.
Let’s look at what Scriptures do say.
  1. The elder / deacon qualifications: they do not show a skill in leadership.  They show a life changed by the gospel
  2. The elder’s job: Acts 6:4…prayer and teaching of the Gospel.  In other words, they are to understand and share the Gospel with other’s & be transformed by it such that they are in communion with God through it.
  3. The church’s job: Matt 28:9…to show the world the Gospel
  4. The Christian’s job: Phil 3:8 to know nothing but Christ & Him Crucified
To be a great leader, we need to take our eyes off of things in this world & point them to the gospel.  We need to our eyes off of what we think we should be and point them to Him.
Let’s be great leaders, by “knowing nothing but Christ and Him crucified!”
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