Why a Team Written Blog?

I often think about the other men who write on this blog from time to time and the conversations we have about this blog and the journey of that is the christian life we are on together.  there is such a sweet fellowship that goes on behind the scenes with this blog and I wanted to take a minute and pull the curtrian back on the unseen aspects of team writing for you:

What you, the reader sees: a review of D.A. Carson’s book, ” memoirs of an ordnary pastor.”

What I, the editor sees: a text from one of the writers that states:

There is some amazement to the amount of humiliation that I am experiencing as I read the account of Tom Carson’s life and ministry. Ordinary he was not.

I got that text this morning and have been rejoicing at the work God is doing in the life of my friend and co writer.

What you see: an article six months form now with ideas for being a more intentional husband.

What I see: One of the writers, thinking and I mean really thinking about, internalizing the question I just asked him about what one thing is he going to do in the next six months to better lead his wife as we wait for ASU to try and get a 3 and out.

I write all of this to point out that none of the stuff you read on here gets up here in a vacuum. There are thousands of back stories and God’s hand is behind it all! I so love the men I write with and am thankful that we are able to share the graces of god in lives with those of you who read. The Christian life is so grounded on relationships; a reconciled one with God and with each other.

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