Lessons in Depravity or Rape As A Weapon of War

Most days given the time,I try to read broadly about current events and editorials. Yesterday I came across a truly horrifying account of rape being used as a weapon in the Congo.  For those of you who don’t know me, I am so affected by such pieces that I am often unable to speak or express my views for a few minutes after I read the article. This is such great evil.

I read the article in a computing commons at Arizona State University, where I am a student. In my course work I have repeatedly been told that there is no God and that  we are all by nature good. That we have all evolved and are continuing to do so. That there is no ethical good outside ourselves. That we must make the best for ourselves before we die.

I would point my classmates and professors to the very real outcomes of such worldview. They are currently playing out in the eastern Congo. Without a divine law and the admission of our evil nature, rape as a weapon of war, along side a hand gun, is what we get.

Justice determined by which way the gun is pointed.

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