Two Visitors from Iraq

For the next 7 weeks my wife and I will be participating in ASU’s home-stay program. In doing so we will have two women from Iraq that will be staying with us. Tawadud and Basima are each here taking workshops on how to effectively implement classes in Iraq to teach English (American) within all of the schools. They both are Muslim and part of the Shia sect. The encouraging part of all of this is that both are very outgoing [typically women would not address nor speak with men, especially in-depth]. We have already had many conversations over the past few days about religion, politics, culture, etc. We were hoping that we would have many gospel opportunities and it seems that God will and has answered our prayers. They have also accepted our invitation to church and bible study/small group which is a tremendous opportunity to present and reflect the death and Lordship of Jesus Christ and our response to Him.

I would love to covet your prayers for our time with Tawadud and Basame. That God would soften their hearts to the truth of Jesus Christ as the One true God as revealed in His Word and that they would come to desire and love Him above all things desirable.

Grace and Peace

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