Hantla on Questions to Ask During Your Bible Reading

I came across this great post by one of my elders, Jacob Hantla on how to read your bible better.  Below are a few things he does as he reads:

  • Quickly remind yourself what you read yesterday.
  • How were your thinking and actions yesterday affected by what you read?
  • Quickly summarize the key details of the book (historical context, author of book, purpose of book):
  • Summarize what you read. This is a summary of the original author’s message for the original audience. For example, describe each paragraph in a few words or sentences. Look for repeated words and key themes. What is the main point of what you read?
  • What did this text reveal to you about God? Worship Him
  • What does this text reveal about sinful man and what happens when Holy God interacts with sinful man?
  • What is the ONE POINT that you want to remember from today’s reading?
  • How must today’s reading affect you (sin to repent of, action to take, thinking to change, etc)?
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