Book Review; Post War by Tony Judt


  I just finished my ten minute reading ( the reading I do when I have a little time or am up really late and can’t think really hard.), in this case the book in question is Tony Judt’s mammoth post war history of Europe. This book is large in size; it is over 800 pages.  Reading this phone book was a real labor of love for me. It took me over just 9 months to complete it, but again I was planning on going slow. I recommend this book as summer reading. If you are planning on going to the beach to make butt prints in the sand this book is the one to take with you. Here is why:

1. The book reads like fiction! Judt is masterful in his writing and is able to weave the complex history of the last 50 years in to an amazing meta-narrative.  It was a finalist for the Pulitzer prize and one of the New York Times top 10 books of the year.

2. This thing is encyclopedic. This book is THE history of modern Europe. I learned something new on almost every page. The work Judt put into gathering all the facts is staggering.

3. The history of the cold war and emergence of the EU is an important story to know and tell. I found this work enriched my understanding of the world around me, where it has come from and where it might be headed. I came way better for having read the book and that is a mark of a good book.

In light of that I recommend this book to loves of history and those seeking to understand the world they live in better. 

Click here to get a copy of Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945

  1. I’m excited to dig into this one!

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