We’re Gonna Play a Song That You’ve Heard Before… For the Next 89.9 Days!

I about to undertake a project that will test my limits and pull the curtain back on my heart some as well. I am going to listen to all the music on my itunes before I go buy anymore. For those of you who know me you know that  LOVE music… some times to my own hurt. I love record stores and digging through dusty crates looking for that treasure. I have found that my buying habits over the last few weeks have been to get a lot of stuff in the bargain bin and upload it and then trade it back real fast and then bring home more stuff and then trade it…lather, rinse, repeat.

My wife in her wisdom asked me if I want to just buy records or listen to them as well. ouch. I like to collect stuff. So in light of my recent mass consumption, I have noticed that there may be some discontentment in my life. I hope to take the next few months to work through the 89.9 days worth of tunes I already have to see what I have, to remind my self what records  make me love music so much in the first place ( so far the kinks and R.E.M. have served as great reminder) and to create some thankfulness and contentment in my life.

My question to you is, ” Is there something like the above in your life?”

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