Donald Drew: Thoughts For the Day

Open the Bible like any other book. But remember it is unique. It is not a book. It is the book (which is what the word ‘Bible’ means), made up of sixty-six books. Neither is it a haphazard collection of ancient wise sayings nor good advice. It is not the most remarkable of the world’s sacred books. It is not a message in a bottle washed up on a beach. Nor is it a book that contains the Word of God. The Bible is the Word of God.

(Letters to a Student, p.55)

When you feed on the Scriptures, do you sense their supernatural power? Do you believe that you owe to the Bible the same reverence – which is not the same as worship – that you owe God? Do you believe that that the triune God is speaking directly to you (not audibly)? Let me ask you: do you appreciate that Jesus’ attitude tot the Bible has to be your attitude to the Bible? Are you convinced that the written word (the Bible) and the living word (Jesus) stand or fall together? If you have a wobbly view of Scripture, you will have a weak view of Christ. Should you have an unclear attitude to Jesus, you will have an uncertain attitude to Scripture. To put it bluntly: if you have doubts about Christ or the truth of the Bible, then their authority over you will be negligible…that means: there will be no authority at all.

(Letters to a Student, p.59)

Ask some further questions as I do of myself…here they are:

  1. What is your attitude to the Bible?
  2. Does it need changing?
  3. Have there been necessary changes in you life that are forging a closer walk with Christ?
  4. Are you asking God to help you widen your biblical horizons as well as enlarge you Christian vision?
  5. Are you placing yourself unreservedly in Jesus hands for Him to do with you whatever He knows is best for you?
  6. Are you dealing biblically and honestly with any sinful, doubtful or compromising matters there may be in your life?
  7. Are you wiser in the ways of God than you were this time last year?

Unless you and I and all believers regard our open Bible as our most treasured possession to be loved, believed and obeyed, we are unlikely to make any significant progress as followers of Jesus Christ.

(Letters to a Student, p.61)

Grace and Peace

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