Book Review: Jonathan Edwards, “The Good Life” by Strachen & Sweeney

Owen Strachan and Doug Sweeney capture the heart and essence of Jonathan Edwards labor on the subject of: The Good Life. This quick short read (152 pages) is just what the church of Christ was in need of. God has used Edwards in monumental aspects to help inform, convict, and shepherd his flock for the nearly the past 300 years. Whether it was through his preaching, writing, or actions men and women had a better picture of who Jesus Christ is and the work in which He has done, is doing, and will complete.
The specific piece looks at Edwards labors on the idea that, “The Good Life” as God intended it to be is filled with JOYFUL OBEDIENCE to Him, Jesus Christ. Edwards contrast what culture speaks to as a “good life” with that from a biblical perspective in which the “Good Life” is focused solely on the will of God. His will is to us joy through Him. WOW and praise God! This is foreign thinking and takes supernatural power to accomplish.
Strachen & Sweeney unfold the heart of what Edwards saw God promise, desired, and commanded for us to have “The Good Life”. They walk through not only the abstract idea of this lofty pleasure, but also what it would look like practically day to day in the life of the believer.
I recommend this book for anyone, but especially if you have never read Jonathan Edwards this is a must read and a great introduction to him (he is not the easiest to pick up, read, and comprehend). Personally I believe how an individual responds to the question, “What is the Good Life”, will reveal the heart of their desires. If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ then a biblical & eternal perspective is what should be saturated within us and spilling into all our conversations!

Be encouraged with the fact that God’s will is for His people to have, “The Good Life” but it’s solely achievable ‘by whom and for whom all things exist, Jesus Christ’ (Colossians 1:16 ’emphasis added’)

Read more on the authors:

Owen Strachen

Doug Sweeney

Grace and Peace,


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