Book Review; Jonathan Edwards, Lover of God by Starchen and Sweeney


Starchen and Sweeney have Written a fine introduction to the life and thought of Jonathan Edwards. this short book provides a U2 fly over of the highlights of Edwards’ life is a strong showing. Brief but engaging, I found myself looking forward to reading more.

The authors serve the reader well by including application points att he end of each chapter in a winning effort to help you apply what they have drawn out of the life of Edwards. Additionally, the reader is served by a balanced, Truthful treatment of the facts of Edwards’ life. Good bad and ugly are discussed in this biographical sketch. this is not hero worship, nor is it a smearing of Edwards. What Starchan and Sweeney have done is find the middle road of truth and walked that tightrope. At times they have strong words for edwards, such as their discussion of his owning slaves and his interaction with his congregation over issues of salary. At other times they stand in the owe appropriate of contemplating the writings and life of this giant of the faith. Simply put Starchen and Sweeney don’t have any sour grapes, but also don’t pull any punches, either.

Another strength of this work is it gives you a working understanding of Edwards’ thought and life with out being exhaustive. I now know enough about him to be conversant, but I also, as a result of reading this book, want to go and learn more about Edwards.

Lastly, and what I feel is the most important thing that Starchen and Sweeney provide is an additional voice to that of John Piper on Edwards that is decidedly orthodox and evangelical. While we are indebted to piper for introducing so many of us to Edwards, Having another voice on the topic is helpful in expanding the insights we can gleam from the life and thought of Edwards.

  1. Looks interesting. No doubt John will add a honest assessment of Jonathan Edwards. Good post.


  1. July 27th, 2010

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