Book Review; Art for God’s Sake by Philip Graham Ryken


First off I would like to give props to Designworks Group, who did the cover and laid out the book. great work. This book looked artsy and made me enjoy reading it. I looked hip and relevant reading it on the train! When I was holding that book up you wanted to ask me about it, trust me.

Now to the content. Ryken has really published an essay here (it is only 58 pages). He argues that Art is are a reflection of God and the divine imprint that only man possesses; what else is all of creation makes things? Answer, nothing. The reason for this according to Ryken is that God himself is a maker and creator of beautiful things and because we are made in his image creation of things, Art, is part of our make up as humans.  Secondly, he argues that Art is easily made an Idol and we must safe guard the arts by honoring God in how we create. Ryken then offers three categories to keep in mind when Art is being made; goodness, beauty and truth. As a result the arts can be recovered for God’s sake.

I found this book so helpful! I have an Arts background and have been trying to find a road map for thoughtful, God honoring visual arts. I believe that Ryken has proved to be a good starting point in my quest to figure out the role and responsibilities of the Christian Artist.

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