Jesus: Our Perfect High Priest – Al Mohler (Resolved 2010)

Jesus – Our Perfect High Priest – Al Mohler – Resolved 2010 – Session 2

Yesterday morning Al Mohler brought us to Hebrews, chapter 8, to dig deep into what it means that Jesus is our High Priest (for those that believe).

The first part of his message set us up to understand the priests’ responsibilities under the Old Covenant of Mosaic Law and their inadequacy to really deal with our problem as humans: sin against a holy God.

Jesus, as our perfect High Priest, fulfills and surpasses the Old Covenant priestly ministry, being our perfect mediator between us and God and the perfect and eternal sacrifice for our sins.

Mohler highlighted ten dimensions of Jesus as our High Priest that I think will be great meditations for myself and any believer who wants to know and love their savior more and more.

1. He is our suffering High Priest.

Count the cost of sin and the price Jesus paid on our behalf to redeem us.

2. He is our sacrificial High Priest.

The death of Jesus is a unique sacrifice – there is no other like it in all of history. He is the Spotless Lamb, the perfect sacrifice, and His is the last sacrifice – there is no need for another sacrifice on our behalf ever again.

3. He is our saving High Priest.

We desperately need a savior. Our sin is all-consuming. And there is only one savior for us from our sin – Jesus Christ.

4. He is our substitutionary High Priest.

The Son of God must die – this is all according to God’s own plan!  Jesus suffering and dying on a cross for our behalf is no mistake. It has been in the mind of God from before the foundation of the world.

5. He is our superior High Priest.

The new covenant under Christ is infinitely better than the old covenant, thus the High Priest of the new covenant is infinitely better than the old. The old covenant was never meant to be more than a pointer to the better covenant to come. (Plus, under the new covenant we gentiles get to be a become a part of God’s kingdom! How awesome!)

6. He is our supernatural High Priest.

Jesus is holy, innocent, unstained, eternal. He is fully God. And He is fully man. This is no ordinary man that mediates on our behalf.

7. He is our solitary High Priest.

He is one. There is no other!

8. He is our sufficient High Priest.

Nothing can be taken from His priesthood. Nothing can be added to His priesthood.

9. He is our sovereign High Priest.

Jesus is no earthly priest. He is also no earthly king. He is God Eternal, Maker of heaven and earth, sovereign in every affair of mankind. There is nothing that happens that He does not declare beforehand, that He has not orchestrated and planned, for the glory of God, and the good of His people. And this Jesus is our High Priest in the heavenly tabernacle!

10. He is our sympathetic High Priest.

Tempted. Despised. Afflicted and Forsaken. And yet sinless. We have such a sympathetic savior, fully aware of our own weaknesses and trials. And He has conquered on our behalf.

In summary – we definitely need Jesus as our High Priest!


If you would like to listen to Al Mohler’s message in its entirety head over to the media page on the Resolved Conference website.


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