Jesus Christ – The Confluence of God’s Transcendence and Imminence (Resolved 2010)

"Rivers Meet" by Liz West

Man’s Problem is God / Rick Holland / Resolved 2010 / Session 1
(this is my first “live blog post” of the weekend. Hopefully I will get these posted a bit more timely as I remedy some internet issues)

Rick Holland got Resolved 2010 going with a quick dip into the deep end of the theological pool!

He set up the number one problem facing all humanity – Man’s woefully inadequate capacity to deal with God’s transcendence and imminence held equally, at all times.

God is both sovereign ruler above all nature and creation (and especially us). As Rick put it – at the end of infinity, there is God.

And yet God is also very near. He is intimately involved in every aspect and affair of his creation (and especially with the affairs of men and women).

We cannot grasp God – He is far too high above us. And yet He is so close to us that He knows our every thought before we even think it.

Using Job 9 as his main text, Holland expounded on these truths and set up this crucial problem as we prepare to look at Jesus (the theme of this weekend’s messages).

So, if God is so far above us, and so intimately near to us, we, on our own, cannot get to God. We cannot even face God and present our case before Him. How do we deal with this?


Jesus is God. And a man. And because of His unique nature, stands as our perfect mediator before God, fully aware of our weakness as created beings. And He also stands as a perfect representation of God for us. By Jesus we see most clearly the nature of God, in a form we can understand!

Praise God for His Son! He is the confluence of God’s transcendence and imminence.

But more than this, Jesus, on the cross, stood before God on our behalf, and stood before men on God’s behalf. And on the cross He was abandoned by the very men and women He mediates for and in turn was forsaken by the Father, with the full wrath of God, deserved by sinful men, poured out fully on Him!

God died for sinners. This is the only way we can come to God!

“Amazing love. How can it be, that thou my God shouldst die for me?”


You can listen to Rick Holland’s message in it’s entirety on the Resolved website media page.

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