Book Review: Commentaries for Biblical Expositors by Jim Rosscup

Rosscup has given us a real labor of love; Dr. Rosscup has read, reviewed and recommended hundreds of commentaries, looking for the best one for bible expositors. This guide is a gift for the pastor who cares about finding easily good helps for getting at the point of the text at hand. I Love this guide for two reasons:

First, the reviews are short and helpful; they actually allow you to judge not only whither the commentary is good in general but if it will be a help for you.

Second, he has ranked the top five commentaries in three categories for each book of the bible so that you can easily find the commentary for you; detailed expository, expository survey, and devotional. So If I don’t want to read all of the reviews for a given book but just want to have five places to start, Rosscup has provided me with an easy point of starting.

For someone who is looking to build a lay commentary library, I have found this book to be a helpful guide.
Buy a copy Commentaries For Biblical Expositors here.


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