Hebrews 6:1-8; Part 5 of 5; Apply This!


As we wrap up I want to highlight a few important points of specific application for us:

First—we must shepherd our hearts. Time and time again in this passage, and throughout the book of Hebrews we see a calling to press forward in our faith, demonstrating obedience, with a full assurance of salvation in Christ. This can only happen through the grace of God being poured out on our lives in the constant renewal of His word applied to our hearts. Delve deep into scripture and apply them dutifully to yourself.

Second—we must shepherd our brothers and sisters in Christ. Just as these Hebrew believers the deceitfulness of sin can easily entangle us and cause us to be hard of hearing to the word of God. Just as we need encouragement and exhortation to grow up, we must do so for our fellow brothers and sisters.

Let us make sure that we not become prideful or arrogant in our understanding and study of scripture. Instead, let us fix our gaze on Christ, who with all knowledge of the deepest mysteries of God, humbled Himself, first to live and breath and eat with the lowliest of sinners, and then to submit Himself to a death at the hands of sinful men. We are never above what we teach or preach.

Third—we must be on guard for the sanctification of the bride of Christ. We see from our passage that we may find unrepentant sinners participating in the church, hiding themselves behind an exterior of good works. But our God desires a pure and spotless bride.

I’m reminded again of Matthew 7 when Jesus warns against false prophets who will come in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. And how are we to spot them? By their fruit ,they will be revealed. Ravenous wolves have no place in the family of God. Let us be keen-eyed as we seek to keep the bride of Christ from all impurity!

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