Sinner not Consumer

 The analogy between the business world and the world of Christ’s Kingdom is completely fallacious analogy. Consumers in the market place are never asked to commit themselves to the product they are purchasing as a sinner is to the Christ in whom belief is being invited. Furthermore, consumers in the marketplace are free to define their needs however they want to and then to hitch up a product to satisfy those needs, but in the Church the consumer, the sinner, is not free to define his or her needs exactly as they wish. It is God who defines our needs and the reason for that is that left to ourselves we would not understand our needs aright  because we are rebels against God. We are hostile both to God and to His law and cannot be subject to either, Paul tells us. Now, no person going into the marketplace, going to buy a coffee-pot or going to buy a garden hoseengages with their innermost being in the way that we are inviting sinners to do in the Church. The analogy is simply fallacious  –David Wells, in Bleeding of the Evangelical Church.

  1. Amen!

    As an early believer, I once heard a pastor say that church was like a business with shareholders, and the pastor was the CEO… It’s totally by the grace of God that I didn’t leave church after hearing things like that! (And thankfully have come under much more Biblical leadership since then).

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    – Amanda

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