Las Vegas & God’s Kindness

So I’m currently in Las Vegas…which it’s reputation is probably already well known. This is my first time coming, and my wife and I counseled, talked, and prayed over this decision for weeks prior to my commitment in going. I’m here with a group of coworkers and some of their family. To say the least the trip has not been what I was expecting. I was nervous about rampant immorality, crude behavior, drunkenness, and list of other things not only throughout Vegas but also potentially within the group.

Needless to say this hasn’t been the case. God has been kind in not allowing and shielding me (as much as you can be…not saying that it’s still not Vegas, but not to the extent that it was described to me) from much during my time here so that I could just enjoy conversations with my coworkers, see the architecture (which is awesome!, my favorite is the Bellagio), and be reminded of Jesus Christ by street evangelist (which was even better)!!!

To say the least I’ve been thankful over the kindness and goodness of God in making this an enjoyable trip, in shepherding me through this trip, and for the prayers of my wife specifically during this weekend. Praise God.

Grace and Peace

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