on Why You Can’t Have One Pet Sin

You can’t have just one “pet” sin. Chances are, if you have one pet sin, you already have an entire petting zoo of sin in your heart. -Dr. Scott Maxwell

  1. Not too long ago, the Toronto press reported on a local man who had committed a horrifying murder. A bit of a loner, this man began to use his home computer to look at pornography. Soon light pornography was not enough to satisfy him and he began to look at things that were increasingly perverse. Before long he was seeking after child pornography. And one day, as he was looking at these horrible acts played out on his computer screen, he looked out his window and saw a young girl walking by all alone. Without planning, without having seriously considered that he might do this, he snatched her from the street. A couple of days later, the police found her body. The man turned himself in and confessed to the crime, insisting that he had not meant to do something so horrifying, so evil. It is likely true that this was not an act that had been planned for a long time. Satan had conquered island after island in this man’s heart until he finally reached the mainland. A series of small beginnings led to a horrible end.

    Spurgeon warns against allowing these little sins. “Oh! take heed of those small beginnings of sin. Beginnings of sin are like the letting out of water: first, there is an ooze; then a drip; then a slender stream; then a vein of water; and then, at last, a flood: and a rampart is swept before it, a continent is drowned. Take heed of small beginnings, for they lead to worse.”

    Commenting on King David’s fall concerning Bathsheba, A.W. Pink writes – “No sin dwells ALONE; the separate acts have a COMMON ROOT, and the whole is matted together like the green growth on a stagnant pond, so that, by whatever filament it is grasped the WHOLE MASS is drawn towards you.”

    Charles Spurgeon, likens SIN’s attacks to bridging a gulf. “If it be desired to bridge a gulf, it is often the custom to shoot an arrow, and cross it with a line almost as thin as film. That line passes over and a string is drawn after it, and after that some small rope, and after that a cable, and after that the swinging suspension bridge, that makes a way for thousands.”

    You see, when you decide to disobey God and indulge in ‘ONE SMALL SIN’, it’s like being caught in a spider’s web, i.e., the more you try to untangle yourself, the more entangled you become. Sin ALWAYS entraps! One sin often leads to another, and another. Many murders are the result of a botched robbery. The robber NEVER INTENDED to kill anyone, but it happened. Nearly all abortions (murder) are the result of an unwanted pregnancy, which is the result of sinful fornication or adultery. One sin inevitably leads to another. Rock-n-roll leads to fornication, and then fornication leads to an unwanted pregnancy, and then there’s an abortion.

    There are two great mysteries in the Word of God! The Mystery of Godliness (1Tim 3;16) and the Mystery of Iniquity (2Thes 2:7)! And the Spirit desires to teach us both these mysteries. Though many nominal Christians have a notional knowledge of the ‘Mystery of Godliness’, only the elect of God know what this mystery of iniquity is all about. And they know it not because they were taught it in a seminary or read a book on it, but because they have EXPERIENCED IT and FELT IT AT WORK in their own hearts.

    Sin is POWERFUL! The Apostle Paul calls it a ‘LAW’ that is at work in his members. Now why does he call it a law? He uses the word law as a metaphor, to express the power, authority, constraint, and control that sin wields in our lives. Earlier in this chapter he has been speaking of God’s law and now he contrasts it with the law of sin to unmask sin’s deadly force. A ‘law’ is something that bends things in its direction and FORCES US to obey its commands. Take the ‘law of gravity’ for example, it subjects us to its power, whether we like it or not. Or consider the ‘law of thirst’ which forces us to drink water. No wonder Gods Word says – “How much more abominable and filthy is man, which drinketh iniquity like water? [Job 15:16] [Chris Lundgarrd]

    In any war, one of the requirements to defeat the enemy is to STUDY his devices, strategies, schemes, and subtleties. A Christian can never be TOO serious about sin! Sin will take you FURTHER than you ever wanted to go.., Sin will keep you LONGER than you ever wanted to stay…, and sin will cost you MORE than you can ever pay.., It will cost you, even your ETERNAL SOUL! [Jeff Paton]

    Scripture speaks of the ‘DECEITFULNESS OF SIN’ [ Heb 3:13] This deceitfulness of sin should serve as a strong inducement to make us DOUBLY WATCHFUL against it, and that because of our foolish disposition and proneness of nature to yield to every temptation. Sin presents itself in another dress than its own. It lyingly offers fair advantages. It insensibly bewitches our mind. It accommodates itself to each individual’s particular temperament and circumstances. It clothes its hideousness by assuming an attractive garb. It deludes us into a false estimate of ourselves. One great reason why God has mercifully given us His Word is to expose the real character of sin. [A.W. Pink]

    And of these characteristics, its DECEITFULNESS is the most deadly. It has deceived and doomed Angels and men of great wisdom. Thomas Brooks, the Puritan, wrote, “Greater sins do sooner startle the soul, and awaken and rouse up the soul to repentance, than lesser sins do. LITTLE SINS often slide into the soul, and breed, and work secretly and undiscernibly in the soul, till they come to be so strong as to trample upon the soul, and to cut the throat of the soul.”
    Our only hope to overcome Sin is the Grace of God in Christ Jesus and fervent prayer!

    Let us pray with Jabez – “Oh that Thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that Thine hand might be with me, and that THOU WOULDEST KEEP ME FROM EVIL, that it may not grieve me!”

    And God granted him that which he requested! [1Chrn 4:10].

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