Donald Drew: Thoughts For the Day

Postmodernism is characterized by different fashions, beliefs and trends which have, as it were, an independent life yet merge together,  then disappear to be replaced by other ideas. The clearest way I can explain this is by quoting the last paragraph of Malcom Bradbury’s novel, Dr. Criminale, which is in effect, a brilliant definition of postmodernism. The main character is speaking: “Naturally, I would always be tolerant, skeptical, permissive, pragmatic, good-hearted, open…I would also assume nothing is true or certain: no ideology, philosophy, sociology, theology any better than any other. Life for me would therefore be a spectacle, a shopping-mall, an endless media show in which everything – amusing or grotesque, erotic or repulsive, heroic or obscene, sentimental or shameful – is an acceptable worldview, and anything could happen. There would be no great wisdom and no great falsehood. A mule would be the equal of a great professor,”….the only way to live is by sensations and experiencing whatever takes your fancy. Reason is replaced by experience, feelings and sensations and you express your in anyway you wish. So once more, truth – which today lies in consensus – has lost out. Without truth, there’s no power for change.

(Letters to a Student, p.45-46)

Grace and Peace

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