Around the Net or Russ Surfs the Interweb!

Here is a round up from the web this week. I ran across a number of great things elsewhere on the web and wanted to share them with you all.

Russell Moore is quickly becoming a hero of the faith to me. He has eloquently written on care of the earth. Click here to read the post.

Apologetics 315 has a helpful trio of audio on abortion. Click here to listen to the lectures.

Al Mohler has his famous summer reading list out. Click here to see what made the list and why.

  1. Thank you Russ for the list. I was reading through Moore’s article and am taking issue with a little bit of his outlook or foundation. It seems that his premise or understanding of the government is for the good of the people based on Romans 13.

    “Caesar’s sword is there, by God’s authority, to restrain those who would harm others (Rom. 13). When government fails or refuses to protect its own people, whether from nuclear attack or from toxic waste spewing into our life-giving waters, the government has failed.”

    I agree that it is for the good of the people, but when I saw good I mean good through the eyes of God in executing justice for those that have broken the law. It seems that he is wanting government to execute a moral standard (to a certain degree) of law for the consequence of what comes about from the liberty that we have within our country (correct me if I’m wrong). Yes, we do need to be concerned with all that is going on but if we have the liberty to drill (for instance) how can the government execute justice (from God) if there is an accident?

    I guess that’s why I’m confused some, he makes it seem and deliberately says the government has failed, but if it has been established by God and he is the one who is in authority and has placed it…can it really be said to of failed? (v.1)

    Any thoughts?

    Grace and Peace.

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