Screaming at your TV to the Glory of God; Sport in the Life of the Believer (part 4 of 4)

Lastly, I want to offer some thoughts for consideration as you watch sports:

Pray: Last year I went to the holiday bowl to watch my Huskers. I prayed before the game that I would so watch the game as to remember that God is using these games in the life of the players and fans. I asked God that I would submit to the outcome that would lead to God getting the most glory. I am not sure God is concerned with scores, but I do know that he uses sports and the conversations that happen while they are played and watch to lead people to him and to correct those who know him. I can’t tell you how many times I shared the gospel at a baseball game.

Watch your mouth: Proverbs has some strong things to say about the tongue. To sum up the teaching I put it this way, “He who watches his mouth guards his life, what comes out of the mouth indicates if we are righteous or evil, where there are many words sin is there as well.”  So when we watch the game we need to keep in mind that our words matter.

Remember who you serve: I am not only a Husker fan I’m a Cubs fan too. But I don’t serve either of them; I serve the King of Glory. The Cubs are like a bad girlfriend; they cheat on me and let me down every chance they get (who wins 97 games and gets swept at home? answer: the cubs!). Christ is not this way. As we watch sports let us keep in mind how little the game really matters in light of the cross. We must not act as though we are slaves to the outcome of the game.

Have some perspective: It’s a game. Its grown men playing catch.  We can use the gathering around sports for the gospel and the proclamation of the word or we can divide into our tribes. I much prefer someone coming into the kingdom during the Big 12 championship than the refs doing the right thing and stating the truth that the ball hit the ground with no time on the clock and Nebraska beats Texas.

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