On the Narrow Entry to Heaven

So narrow is the entry to heaven, that our knots, our bunches and lumps of pride, and self love, and idol love, and world love must be hammered off us, that we may throng in, stooping low, and creeping through that narrow and thorny entry. –Samuel Rutherford

  1. The great secret of vital godliness is to be nothing, that Christ may be all in all. Every stripping, sifting, and emptying; every trial, exercise and temptation that the soul passes through, has but one object-to beat out of man’s heart that cursed spirit of independence which the devil breathed into him when he said, “Ye shall be as gods”. A man must well nigh be bled to death before this venom can be drained out of his veins. To cut down a giant into a babe a span long; to put a hunch-backed camel into a hydraulic press, and squeeze it into sufficient dimensions to pass through a needle’s eye-this is the process needful to be undergone before a man can bring forth fruit unto God. Well might Nicodemus marvel how a man could enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born; and the wonder how a grown-up man becomes a helpless babe is as great a mystery to most now.

    [J.C. Philpot, Sermon – ‘Winter Afore Harvest’]

  2. Mike,
    Thank you for sharing such a fitting quote. I agree wholeheartedly!

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