Screaming at your TV to the Glory of God; Sport in the Life of the Believer (part 1 of 4)

Right now the city in which I live, Phoenix, is in the process of mourning the Suns’ exit from the 2010 NBA playoffs. The entire city, believers and non-believers alike, seem to have a fixated distaste for the city of Los Angeles and the Lakers. I recently watched a game with believing friends and the hatred for the Lakers was apparent. This got me thinking about sports and their role in the life of a believer. I want to take the next few days and look at sports and how we who follow Christ should interact with them; watching them, talking about them and cheering for our teams. For those of you who like outlines here it is:

Today: Sports aren’t sinful.

Tomorrow: The trouble of tribes for gospel advancement.

Wednesday: There is a wrong way to watch a game.

Thursday: How to scream at your TV to the glory of God.

So now that you know where we’re going, let’s dive in. Sports aren’t sinful. Nowhere in the bible does God say sport is sin. Can we sin while we play and watch? Yes. Is the sport itself sinful? No. I would actually argue that playing sports, particularly as a youth, is a good thing. Playing sports teaches team work, conflict resolution, how to master one’s body, etc. It exposes us to challenges and teaches us to persevere and to overcome. In short, sports, when they are played and followed correctly, serve as a powerful metaphor for the Christian life and are a great place to learn how to better live.

(NOTICE: these posts are not about the NBA Playoffs, or any of the other teams mentioned in them. All teams mentioned are merely for illustration. If you comment on who is better, why Kobe is bad, etc. your comment will be deleted.)

    • Anonymous
    • May 31st, 2010

    I think this is a very interesting subject. I have recently found that in my own life sports bring out sinful actions in me more often than not. Anger, discontentment, etc… I seem to have much more joy in my life when sports are not on the front page of my life. Now, I still love sports… and I’m not saying they’re inherently evil. I just wanted to share that. I’ve really been praying and asking God to show me what I need to put out of my life and how to enjoy sports without the anger and frustration they often bring.

    Looking forward to your other posts on this!

  1. I’m looking forward to reading as well since I come from an athletic background; played collegiate and dabbled with professional football…so I’m excited to continue reading. I do know that there was a tremendous difference between the programs that I played at, between high school, pro, and college meaning that my collegiate team was at a Christian school where my head coach implemented Biblical football. This is where I first came to know Jesus Christ and he is the one who introduced me to Christianity so I’ve seen sports done first hand in a manner to the Glory of God. I’m glad you are writing and look forward to reading more.

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