Interview with Mike Spielman of (part 3 of 3)

HR: hat has been the most encouraging part of running Abort73?

Mike Spielman: Being able to invest so many hours and so much creative energy into something I believe in– something with eternal significance.

HR: What has been the most discouraging part of your work?

Mike Spielman: The pace of my execution rarely keeps up with the pace of my ideas. That frustrates me to no end, but I’m starting to see the sanctifying potential afforded by this reality. If I’m the driving force of the ministry, then yes, lives will be lost if I don’t get things done. But if God is the driving force of the ministry, then I can (and must) rest in his timing–still working as hard as I can, but trusting him for the results, even if the process is slower than I’d like. Whenever I start thinking God needs me (or Abort73) to accomplish his purposes in this world, I get into trouble.

HR: If I wanted Abort73 to do an event at my campus or church, how would I go about making that happen?

Mike Spielman: My goal is to provide simple tools that will allow everyday students and ministry groups the opportunity to introduce their campus or community to Abort73–without having to bring in outsiders (like me). This is by far the most efficient way to operate. We’ve done a few regional events called Love the Least (, but we’re limited in how many we can do and where we can go. The Abort73 Campus Blitz  and student ministry tools  can be implemented at anytime and anyplace.

HR: Talk to me about what is new on abort73?

Mike Spielman: We’re working on some “Life Stories” booklets that I’m pretty excited about. Each one tells real-life stories of women who have gone through unplanned pregnancies. The first story ends in abortion, the second ends (begins?) in a failed abortion, and the third ends in adoption. As always, we’re paying lots of attention to packaging the message in the most accessible and engaging way possible. They should be great counseling resources for Pregnancy Care Centers or sidewalk counselors while also introducing the reader to


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