Interview with Mike Spielman of (part 2 of 3)

HR: Could you walk me though Education Before Legislation? Why are you focused on education and why is this  better than just changing the laws?

Mike Spielman: I don’t say that education is better than changing the law, but I do say that  education on what abortion really is, is a necessary precursor to changing the law. For 35+ years, all manner of time and money have been poured into political, legislative efforts to change the law, but almost nothing has changed. Why? Because most Americans remain indifferent to abortion. Until more people have a clear understanding of what abortion actually is and does, they’re not going to make its elimination a political priority.

HR: You use some very graphic pictures at abort73, how do you answer critics who say that you shouldn’t use them?

Mike Spielman: Personally, it was the graphic images of everyday, first-trimester abortions that helped wake me up to the reality of abortion and motivate me to do something about it. Publicly, there is a long and established precedent for using graphic imagery to help educate people about injustice. Some evils are of such magnitude that words alone do not as effectively communicate the horror of the atrocity. Planned Parenthood is very pleased when graphic images of abortion are not part of the public debate.

HR: Talk to me about the T-shirts? Have they been an effective means of spreading the word?

Mike Spielman: We don’t advertise on billboards. We don’t advertise on buses or park benches. We don’t advertise on TV or radio. We advertise on T-shirts. On the one hand, it’s all we can afford; on the other hand, T-shirts take us places traditional advertising can’t go–particularly on high school and college campuses. We’ve sold tens of thousands of T-shirts and each one introduces new people to

HR: You have abort73 pens; how are pens going to help stop abortion?

Mike Spielman: Every product in the Abort73 catalog has one end goal in mind: get people to visit In other words, if the pens (or stickers or bags or shirts) don’t serve as a gateway to the website, they’re useless. There’s simply not enough real estate on these items to communicate anything substantive, but there is room for a website URL. People see it, scratch their heads and wonder, “What is” That’s the question we’re trying to prompt, and that’s the question that ultimately gets people to the website. We’re working to eliminate abortion through education. We deliver that education through a website, and we get people to the website through everyday objects. That’s how a pen can help stop abortion.


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