Violence in Thailand

My wife received a phone call the other day from her brother (my brother in-law) who for the past year he has been traveling around the world to various places and just taking it all in after just recently graduating from college. For the past 6 months or so he has decided to settle in Bangkok an become an English teacher. Overall he has enjoyed his time, and has spent some of it blogging about many of the fine cuisines, delicacies, and sights that he has enjoyed.

All of this came to a screeching halt the a couple of days ago though. Mark (my brother in-law) lives in the Din Daeng district which is where Bangkok has been struck by violence. There has been a growing “war” brewing between the Thai Army and the Red Shirts. The Red Shirts are a group of protesters that fundamentally desire democracy over dictator authority, and they are protesting because they firmly believe the Prime Minister along with various other members of Parliament have been falsely placed in power. They want to see justice and everything brought before the polls.

Needless to say you can imagine…once a man is in power they typically are not wanting to leave that position! Especially if they are wicked and not desiring a life of godliness. This is turn has brought violence, chaos, and much destruction to the district and city of Bangkok. So much so that my brother was forced to flee from the city with no belongings. So we are praying he will be able to return back safely, and that God would pour an abundance of grace upon him so that he may be strengthened in his walk to stand firm in the hope that is to come.

Also, just for the individuals & families involved that somehow through this they would come to see their sin in relation to the Holy God of the Bible, and call upon Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. That they would abide faithfully, obediently, and passionately with Him for many ages so that no matter the government system they will see it as a tool by God for His glory and their sanctification. (Romans 13:1-5)

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Grace and Peace.

  1. No mention of Toxin (Taksin) while talking about the problems in Bangkok is missing a point. The Red Shirts are on his payroll, while he sits comfortably somewhere else. There are higher ups within the Red Shirts who have benefited financially through this while using many in the front lines as pawns. Taksin is upset he got caught on the take and he fled the country, he is now trying to topple the government by proxy. This is about a fight for power not a fight for the underprivileged. The smoke of discontent hides the money/power grab.

    • I purposefully didn’t mention Thaksin for the reason of my having a lack of knowledge about the subject. I didn’t want to present an arguement of knowing everything that was going on, I just wanted to bring attention to the violence that was taking place in Bangkok, and the main two groups that were being affected by it; the Red Shirts and the Army (since they are the one’s being killed).

      The point of the article was not to call for Thaksin’s head in whether he is corrupt, or the genesis of this entire violent stretch. To be honest, I expect men to respond according to their hearts desires without the regenerating work of Jesus Christ in their hearts, whether that’s Thaksin, Obama, Bush, Reagan, Stalin, me, or you. Point being I wanted to inform us of what has been going on elsewhere and how a group is fighting and dying for democracy regardless of who is behind it, and as much as I love the freedoms that we have in the states…EVERY GOVERNMENT is for the purpose of sanctifying Jesus followers and displaying God’s wrath to lead to repentance.

      Grace and Peace.

  2. Why I mentioned Thaksin Shinawatra was because this cause is not for democracy, that is the point. I know you don’t want to tell a long story but you were missing a major point.

    BTW, Bangkok has been and continues to be pretty safe if you avoid the area of conflict. Where my in-laws live is actually not too far from that area and it is quiet, just lousy business.

    • Yes, Bangkok and Thailand in general are pretty safe, I agree. I wasn’t trying to present it as being a horrible place by any means. I mentioned one specific district, Din Daeng, which is where much of the conflict has been taking place.

      As far as the cause for this conflict I don’t even try to hint at it…nor do I even attempt to know it as I have stated before. I understand what you were saying about Thaksin being a major point, I agree. As I stated before I was just to bring attention to the scenario and the violence that is taking place. I wasn’t wanting come off as an informed individual on a subject if I’m not one. But bring attention to what is happening is something I can do. Whether the whole conflict is about democracy or not, absolutely not (I’m sure we would all conclude that) but “fundamentally” I would say the Red Shirts most affected by the violence, rural farmers and peasants, desire democracy.

      Grace and Peace.

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