Donald Drew: Thoughts For the Day

Many people who know what they are talking about would say that much of the contemporary university culture is rotten at its core, a statement that includes curriculum, teaching and morality. Campuses have been likened to brothels where sex of various kinds is widely and uninhibitedly available. Mercilessly driven by the media, the urgency for teenagers and young adults to have earlier and earlier sex has no parallel in British history. It is even assumed that is a teenager has not had sex, there must be something wrong with him or her….religious beliefs in general, anything goes: pick ‘n’ mix from a spiritual supermarket. The chameleon0like word ‘spirituality’ covers any way of making a person feel better, such as pop psychology, closeness to nature, the occult, astrology and especially New Age ideas. There’s plenty of ‘spiritual awareness’ (whatever that may mean) but little if any, spiritual alertness, discernment….this makes it easier…as a follower of Jesus Christ but one will soon be asked to justify their convictions.  – Donald Drew (emphasis added)

(Letters to a Student, p.17)

I just started reading this yesterday and came across this detailed description and felt as if I had to share it with you all. I have a heart for the college age group so I am looking forward to reading more of Drew, and how he counsels the heart of his disciple.

Grace and Peace


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