Jonathan Edwards: Thoughts For the Day

The way to heaven is a heavenly life. We must be traveling towards heaven in a way of imitation of those that are in heaven, in imitation of the saints or angels therein, in their holy employments, in their way of spending their time in loving, adoring, serving, and praising God and the Lamb.

This is the path that we prefer before all others. If we could have any other that we might choose, if we could go to heaven in a  way of carnal living, the way of the enjoyment and gratification of our lusts, we rather prefer a way of holiness, and conformity to the spiritual, self-denying rules of the gospel. – Jonathan Edwards (emphasis added)

(Works 17, 433)

All of this forms and flows from The Gospel: Jesus Christ, the God-Man, One-Third of the Trinity came in the flesh (by virgin birth) and lived a perfect life in submission and obedience to God the Father. He did so in full accord with the divine purpose to purchase (with His blood) a group of rebellious sinful people who have hated God since their conception. Upon being crucified, the wrath and just judgment which those people deserved for their utter hatred of God Jesus took the punishment for as if He committed the sins Himself. Then, He died (according to prophecy/scripture),  was buried (according to prophecy/scripture), and three days later was resurrected by God the Father, Himself, and the Holy Spirit (all according to prophecy/scripture)! This was all to secure salvation (save us from judgment) and purchase those rebellious people who hated God, and give them hearts that could actually desire God, and now worship Him! So that Jesus would be the highest treasure and not ourselves, not money, not sex, not fame, not cars, not work, not families, JUST GOD…..and Him alone, and we may worship and imitate those in heaven as Jonathan Edwards directing our hearts to. The question is…do you believe, have faith, and live according to these facts?

Grace and Peace

  1. Great stuff. Thanks for taking the time to define your terms. I am very thankful for this word.

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