Be a Faithful Ambassador (Part 2 of 3)

We who have been reconciled to God, which means to have been brought into a peaceful relationship with God, we stand in this world on behalf of Christ Jesus. Christian, you are, we are ambassadors for Christ! We bring to the world our intimate knowledge of who Jesus is and what He is all about. This is a very unique position we have. You see to be an ambassador for Christ, it is as though God were making an appeal through us.

That is to say if you are an ambassador for Christ, which you are if you have been reconciled to God, it is as though God Himself were actually here declaring something. When we are active in the ministry of reconciliation given to us by God, it is as though God were actually doing the ministry, declaring the message of reconciliation.

So if we have been reconciled to God through Christ we are ambassadors for Christ, and it is as though God Himself were here making an  appeal, declaring a message, so then what is a faithful ambassador for Christ supposed to be doing?

2. Know what a faithful ambassador is supposed to be doing(20b).

Look again at verse 20,“we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.” To be a faithful ambassador for Christ we are to be making a begging appeal. Now what I mean is we are with all of our being pleading with men. It’s like a firefighter telling someone to follow them out of a burning building. And this begging, this passionate, fervent, pleading, is not merely ours it is the begging of Christ, of God Himself. And what is God through us as though it were actually Him here in person, what is He begging? He is begging people, we are begging people, to be reconciled to God!

Now there is a very interesting aspect of our begging and it is this, we are begging a command. What I mean by that is our begging appeal to people is a fervent commanding. So to tie this together, God is, through us, passionately declaring, making a begging appeal, that people are to be made right with Him.

More over our begging appeal isn’t a passive proposition from God, meaning God has accomplished reconciliation and if you would just accept that fact you have it, no. In fact the word reconciled is in the present passive imperative and that means it is an ongoing command to have reconciliation done to you.

So to be a faithful ambassador for Christ we are to be fervently commanding people to have God reconcile them to Himself! Think about this. You, me, every person in the world, is commanded by God to have Him reconcile us to Him.

But why? Why is God declaring through us, His ambassadors, that men must Have Him reconcile them to Himself. Because we have a broken relationship with Him. You see the very fact that we are being called to have God reconcile us to Himself means that we are not in a good relationship with Him, and apparently it is such a hopeless condition that only God can repair the relationship.

Being that all men are in this hopeless condition, how has God reconciled us, because the fact that God is commanding it to be done to us by Him means that He has actually done something to make reconciliation possible. That leads us to the next thing we need to know to be a faithful ambassador, what should we be saying?

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