Part 4, Ezekiel 16: So Now What?

Ezekiel 16

Part 4, Miscellaneous Scriptures

After three days in Ezekiel 16 and looking at YHWH’s interaction with His child and the manner in which He bestows everything upon her my prayer is that you have been encouraged as I have been. So now what…we left off and YHWH established His everlasting covenant His daughter (Israel) after all of her abominations to show His greatness, kindness, and love. But that was Israel and does have anything to do with us right? WRONG, it does…so for the last day let us mediate on how this relates to us and how this passage helps us learn and observe our God! The questions we will look at is what do we do with understanding YHWH’s everlasting covenant with her, and exactly how did He atone for her, do we, the church partake in any of this?

In Ezekiel 16 YHWH has declared that He will atone Himself for the abominations committed by Israel and that through Him a new everlasting covenant will be establish as a result. Let us understand one thing first…this passage is specifically about Israel, and is not talking about the church and the everlasting covenant that YHWH has established with us, the church. So with that said, we do see similar language, and some commonality with what the church has received. Let me explain…

We see here the faithfulness of our God, YHWH! Remember what YHWH means, or better stood for. “The covenant keeping God of Israel” and that is exactly how we see and read Him responding and acting here within our passage. He is establishing a one way covenant with Israel in which He is going to bring them to Himself through His everlasting covenant! We see this same covenant in Jeremiah 31:31-34, Isaiah 4:2-6; 25; 27:2-9; 28:5-29 as just a couple examples…this is a REALITY in which Israel rested in and understood was coming at the fulfillment of YHWH’s timing! The church worships this God…YHWH, “The Faithful Covenant Keeping God of Israel” and He has not change nor rejected His covenants in which He has established with them so may we be encouraged by the promises He has made previously and rest in them as well as they reflect the very nature and character of YHWH! Israel at repentance are our fellow brothers in Christ at their repentance and one day upon the fulfillment of the covenant of YHWH all of them shall come to call upon the Lord our God…what a day that shall be, and I pray we rejoice and long as Paul did for their repentance Romans 9:1-6; 11.

So we understand that this is about Israel and not the church but we end up in the same place and by the same means right? CORRECT!!!! Atonement, by YHWH must take place for Israel, for the church, for anybody who desires to come to God! This is our relationship to Israel and what Paul speaks about in Romans 11. There is one foundation in which God has used in order to bring “His” people, whether Israel or the church, to Himself, and the foundation stands upon JESUS CHRIST; The God-Man in whom we have, reconciliation, atonement, payment for our abomination/sin/trespasses/guilt/enmity towards/of YHWH (Hebrews 9:11-28). He is the One in who YHWH was speaking about in Ezekiel 16 by whom atonement takes place, in whom the everlasting covenant rest upon, and in whom we come to God through by His covenant in which He establishes with us; whether Israel or the church…both rest upon Jesus Christ [but have different paths and end points in YHWH]. This is how we now have peace and reconciliation (the meaning of atonement) with YHWH! Through Jesus Christ, we have been declared righteous by faith in Him as if never having committed any sins, but instead doing everything completely right, and God declares this through the death and blood of His Son, Jesus Christ; WHILE WE STILL HATED AND WERE AT ENMITY WITH HIM and as a result we are reconciled and at peace with God in back in fellowship with Him! (Romans 5:1-11; 2 Corinthians 5:16-21) Rest in these realities and remember these realities continually. YHWH has dealt with Israel in the same manner, but it just has not come to fruition completely…some have repented (i.e. Paul is an example) but not the totality as the covenants speak to.

So what could we do now…we rest in the faithfulness and wisdom of YHWH who had a substitutionary atonement on His mind long before the church, and that would be the means all His people would be reconciled to Himself. What else could we do…we preach this good news of reconciliation to our self from the Old Testament when we see the faithful promise how YHWH will redeem His chosen people Israel, that is not the church, and we should be longing for the day to see as He does! What else could we do…live according to that which you have been saved to and from! I am not saying, God has done all this, so now pull up you boot straps of obedience…NO…in none of the verses above talk about us, and what we do. They are informational passages for us to know, understand, and basically humble our pride. Our obedience is equal to that of whoring in Ezekiel 16…that is where we would end up with our boot straps…but with salvation, and a new creation, and the ministry of being reconciled to YHWH comes life and godliness! We follow, rest, trust, in the risen Savior…remind ourselves of these realities and we shall be overwhelmed with the outpouring of God’s grace to desire the obedience which we are now secured in…WHICH IS HIMSELF, JESUS CHRIST! (2 Corinthians 5:15-17, Romans 6:5-14)

Grace and Peace

  1. Derek, Thank you for taking the time to unpack and apply this passage to my heart.

    • Praise God for you brother, and I pray that it has been an encouragement for whoever has been reading along. You are welcome, but praise be to God who shepherded my heart with this prior.

      I know I get a little lengthy at times, lol…I tried to keep them shorter though. =)

      I love brother!

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