Part 3, Ezekiel 16: Unworthy Ending

Ezekiel 16

Part 3, verses 59-63

The past couple of days we have been looking at God interacting with His unworthy adopted daughter (Israel) and the manner in which she has rebelled against Him. Yesterday we saw two types of judgment; a finite physical one and the other an eternal everlasting one that she bears. We needed to quickly look at why exactly the latter was true though (the eternal everlasting judgment) based on what we see here. But by doing so we need to also see what YHWH promises to her, let’s take a look.

  • Verse 59 – YHWH will judge justly
  • Verse 60 – YHWH will remember my covenant with you (the original one of old)
  • Verse 60 – YHWH will establish a new everlasting covenant
  • Verse 61 – YHWH will give her sisters as daughters
  • Verse 62 – YHWH will make His name known
  • Verse 63 – YHWH will atone (reconcile her with Him) for all the abominations
  • Verse 63 – YHWH declares

YHWH actually makes a new covenant and not just any covenant but an everlasting covenant in which He will reconcile her to Himself and she will have no shame ever again! The interesting aspect to the covenant is that it is ONE WAY! Notice how YHWH doesn’t demand anything of her, nor does any requirements technically come of her…this is just something in which YHWH has decided and will see to fruition regardless of what has and is taking place! He is the one doing all of this work, while she has literally done nothing except:

  • Broken the covenant (old)
  • Remembered her ways and been ashamed

She receives, and receives, and receives again and abundantly. What unworthiness that this displays! YHWH has dealt with the abomination of her by atoning for these [abominations] Himself! He does not put this into other individual’s hands nor trust this to an angel, but takes it upon Himself to reconcile her to a proper relationship to Himself. So instead of everlasting just judgment from YHWH, she will receive a renewed relationship with YHWH and be atoned for by Him personally.

The question still stands though, where does the everlasting judgment come from? The word “atone” and the manner in which YHWH atones brings clarity to this. Let me explain. YHWH is atoning for the abominations of her in order that she may now be renewed and placed within this everlasting covenant. You are not within the everlasting covenant without being atoned for, and you are not atoned for without YHWH extending the everlasting covenant to you. They are synonymous and must go together. As a result of the everlasting covenant you have received atonement, or as a result of atonement you have an everlasting covenant. If YHWH’s judgment and anger were satisfied what would be the purpose for Him atoning? (16:42) Obviously, YHWH is speaking about something differently or there is a different wrath which is manifested previously in a physical manner. To go into an everlasting covenant, one must come through an everlasting means…the atonement done by YHWH was an infinite everlasting one, and therefore the judgment which needed to be atoned for is equally as everlasting and infinite! YHWH is not finite and therefore atonement cannot be finite, and neither can His judgment which will be the result without atonement. She is deserving of this just penalty [16:59] in which YHWH will distribute forever.

This is something to be amazed and astonished at and if we stay there and focus on that you miss the point! LOOK AT WHO TOOK THE PUNISHMENT!!!! YHWH….the One who is Worthy, Just, Righteous, Holy, Honorable, Loving, Kind, Gracious, Humble, Meek, Lord, Sovereign, King, Ruler, Joyous, Patience, Faithful, Peaceful, Gentle, and Wrathful…He is the One who took the blame for her!

She (Israel) the one unworthy from the beginning took all that YHWH had and offered, used them for her selfish, wicked abominations and desires, and then received an everlasting covenant in which she receives reconciliation to YHWH through Him atoning by Himself for all she had done to Him! That’s crazy…The One of ALL WORTH atones for the one who is completely undeserving and unworthy and not for her, but for HIS NAME’S SAKE AND TO DISPLAY HIS WORTH INFINITELY AND THAT HE IS YHWH!

Tomorrow we will look at how YHWH dealing with her (Israel) should affect us and shape our hearts.

Grace and Peace

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