Part 2, Ezekiel 16: Unworthy but Prideful

Ezekiel 16

Part 2, verses 15-58

Picking up where we left off yesterday YHWH has bestowed and given all of Himself to this unworthy child who everyone else abhorred, despised, and forsaken. Through Him she has become beautiful, renowned throughout the land, and now esteemed as royalty. What was this unworthy child’s response to all that YHWH had worked and done within their life…verse 15 gives us a clear answer “you trusted in your beauty and played the whore because of your renown and lavished your whoring’s on any passerby; your beauty became his.” She took the blessings, all the abundance that God had placed upon her and turned it out for her own disposal, pleasure, use, and profit. She trusted that all that had come from what had become of her was because of her, and forgot of her unworthy beginnings in which YHWH came and literally snatched her out of her despair. Notice, the end of verse 15…her beauty actually becomes his, the passerby. This was initially YHWH’s beauty and intended for her, but she has now brought it into subjection under another, instead of reflecting the beauty as YHWH purposed. We see these abominations’ continual downward spiral in the following verses as the garments, jewels, food, and even children that YHWH has provided for her were all used for the purpose of pleasing these men and satisfying her whorish cravings. She would take God’s garments to create shrines to play the whore, use jewels to create images of men to play the whore, and set the food and children as sacrifices for men and images to play the whore.

This is not a small matter that YHWH takes lightly and should be looked at lightly. God brought this child out of the lowest imaginable place one could think of, gave her all she could ask (including Himself), and yet she forgets all of this and her heart focuses on her and her desires. From this point forward it becomes a downward spiral of abomination after abomination in the manner in which YHWH describes her actions but better her heart.

  • Verse 25 – After all of original rebellion she continues by making high places of worship for herself and multiplying her whoring.
  • Verse 26 – Then played the whore with the Egyptians multiplying the whoring more
  • Verse 28 – Again with the Assyrians from being unsatisfied previously, and afterward she was still unsatisfied.
  • Verse 29 – Again in Chaldea multiplying her whoring again and still being unsatisfied
  • Verse 30 – “How sick is your heart, declares the Lord YHWH”

Again and again and again, she is taken willing and eagerly after the desires of her heart…and continually she is never satisfied. She multiples her whoring to the extent that even the Philistines would not receive her because they were ashamed of her lewd behavior (who themselves were known as being cruel and ungodly). YHWH does not even equate her to a prostitute because she scorned payment. She refused to take it, denied it, and would not accept it, but instead she gave all she had to every else to coerce and influence them to do her bidding and “satisfy” her diminishing desires!

Who does this??? She comes from nothing to everything, then uses all of that to reflect a heart that actual HATES the one who gave all of it to her and actually owns all she is giving away to others! So what is YHWH’s response…JUDGEMENT, verses 35-43, 52, & 58 brings great clarity to this in the sense that these abominations, lewdness, sin, ungodliness, and utter rebellion WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED. Now there are two types of punishments and judgments that will take place within this passage. The clearest one is located in verses 35-43 which are a literal physical judgment which is coming in the near future and going to take place soon! YHWH is going to cut off His child which He has placed on high, given His all to, and brought from the unworthy place in which she has forgotten where she came from. This judgment will include: the loss of the high places she use to play the whore, her jewels, clothes, she will be stoned, cut into pieces by their swords as well (remember this is referencing Israel and not just one child). YHWH declares that He will no longer be angry with her after this judgment, but later we see more judgment still upon her! YHWH proclaims that she actually made others’ sin look righteous because of the depth of her abomination and amount of her lewdness. Imagine the disgust and hatred that God must have toward her at this point. This is His child which He has placed above all others and has shamed Him and her self to no end. Because of it she will bear alone and continually the penalty of her actions. YHWH is not a finite being who is sinned against in a finite manner…it is an infinite offense and this penalty that she must bear carries eternal overtones and implications for the abominations committed.

We will look at why it is an eternal, continual, and everlasting judgment that she must bear tomorrow…for now let us soak in the wickedness being revealed in this unworthy girls’ heart, and how even with all the blessings given to her she would seek and feed one desire…her own abominable heart.

Grace and Peace

  1. April 29th, 2010

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