Part 1, Ezekiel 16: Unworthy Beginnings

Ezekiel 16

Over the next four days I wanted to meditate and have you walk with me through chapter 16 of Ezekiel. I read it last week and wanted to share what I was seeing and reading. Here is the breakdown of what’s coming:

Part 1: Verses (1-14)

To set the stage for us, chapter 16 is basically a symbolic narrative of Israel given by God through the prophet Ezekiel. God begins by describing in detail the origin and birth of Israel as a nation shown through the birth of a child and her relationship with God…let’s take a look!

Verse 4 begins with the depiction of a child born shunned, unwanted, hated, and in filth. This is a child that is looked down upon by all people, nations, and countries. Not for anything the child has done, not because of racism, nor because of the parents who brought the child into the world. Ezekiel describes that since the day of the birth the child was abhorred, which literally means beyond hated and despised. No one has or will care for this child (which represents Israel) physically, mentally, or any means. This child was basically left abandoned, helpless, and forsaken to fend for herself within the world since first coming out of the womb.

This is not the typical image we connect with the birth of a child. Usually individuals are elated at the birth of a child, but not for this one. This child was deemed unworthy of all love, support, care, and even effect. The parents are not there welcoming their child with hugs, smiles, and kisses all over their face, but instead the child’s face is covered with blood, dirt, mud, while she has no clothes and is completely naked and bare. Family was cherished and highly regarded, but none saw any worth within this child (people).

So what does God do with the child/people that nobody desires or wants? He desires to have them as His own [ADOPTION LANGUAGE, 16:8], sees them as they rightful are in their blood and filth, calls them out of that, and tells them to LIVE!!! He brings her [them] out of her [their] previous state, and enters into a convent with her [them] in which she [they] will be His [people] specifically. God makes her flourish and mature throughout her years, as she develops and forms. In doing so though, He also provides some of His own garment (some of His very own clothing) to cover her as she grows and needs to be covered furthered.  He is the one who bathed, dressed, and continually give all things that are possible for the simple fact that He was God, she was His child to care for, nurture, and love. He has identified Himself with her, but more importantly when others now look at her they are to see the LORD, YHWH.

This is no ordinary adoption that takes place. He brings her from the lowest depths of unworthiness and abhorrence that one could conceive of, and yet give her all that He possibly could, including Himself! This is a prodigal and extravagant God that lavished abundantly upon her. And because of all the blessing and care that YHWH has shown toward her others have heard of her beauty now and she has even become royalty! Remember this is the same child, covered with blood, despised, hated, abhorred, and left in the field unwanted, but once YHWH has set His hand upon her nothing so glorious had been seen or wanted; for she grew exceedingly beautiful through all God had placed upon her. (16:14)

Meditate on the abundant blessing and prodigal God that has brought this unworthy child from nothing to being the highest esteemed among the land all through His name.

Grace and Peace


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