Interview with The Plumbline Collective (part 2 of 4)

HR: Tell Me about your churches. Are they supportive of what you all are doing?

Omri: Absolutely! Grace Bible Church, located in Tempe, AZ ( is a flourishing, gospel-centered congregation. The preaching is dope! I’m thankful that we actually got a chance to share some of the preaching on SR2 in songs like One Hope and King Jesus. Overall, the congregation has been a huge blessing in supporting our music! Before Josh (J. Miles of iSix:5) moved to Arizona in 2007, hardly anyone knew that Christians actually rapped. But by God’s grace, our music has been a huge encouragement to the saints in Tempe, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas. It’s humbling and encouraging to hear parents talk about the blessing that our music has been in their homes. One stay at home mom in my body has even used listening to our music when she works out as a means to remind herself of deep gospel truths while working out at places that glorify having a perfect body. Hearing stuff like that makes rapping worth it.

Alex Faith: I am part of East Point Church in southwest Atlanta. A new plant, and by God’s grace, this place has a multitude of Godly men leading and guiding us. I love going to a church that is not full of Hip-Hop heads, there are some old school heads, but its great. They get to actually focus on what I’m saying and less on how I’m saying it, I do receive a lot of encouragement from the brothers and sisters in the congregation though. A lot of them don’t even know I spit or am in a crew.

Kevin: Adam and I’s church is very supportive of what we do, they’ve brought up the idea of us actually being full time rappers, but I don’t think me and Adam were aiming for that.

HR: What books have helped your thinking and grown you in your walk?

Omri: The Attributes of God by Arthur Pink, The Holiness of God by RC Sproul, When People Are Big And God is Small by Ed Welch, Biblical Counseling by John Macarthur, Made in Our Image by Steve Lawson, and The Existence and Attributes of God

Alex Faith: Dag, so many. The Existence and Attributes of God by Stephen Charnock rocked me, a few other joints, Im a fan of anything Sproul. Love some Calvin, and Jerry Bridges.

Kevin: Morning and Evening by Charles SpurgeonA Passion for God [Biography of A.W. Tozer] by Lyle Dorsett, Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper.

How is it living in different cities and being in the same group?

Alex Faith: Not nearly as hard as it would seem. We don’t get to do shows as a crew, but when we do its fun. Recording can be hectic at times, but it seems to have always worked itself out.

Kevin: It’s hard that we don’t get to fellowship as much. The few times we do talk it’s mostly about music and not about our spiritual walks and growth.

Omri: It sucks for the most part. I wish I could see these guys way more than a couple times a year, but I’m always encouraged and challenged in my walk whenever we do talk or get together. Praise God for JG’s engineering skills here in Phoenix though! I don’t know where these groups would be without him! He’s been a huge blessing for us.

HR: In your mind, what are some of the bigger issues facing hiphop and the larger urban culture? What would you love to see the lord do in the hood?

Alex Faith: I would love to see the Lord save people…. period. The Gospel is going forth in East Point, Atlanta by God’s grace. And it is certainly not limited to the use of Hip Hop music. To be completely honest, I treat rapping like a hobby. I’m a full time member of Hip Hop culture, but in most of the ministry settings I find myself placed in…. I’m rarely being an emcee. I love my local fellowship and serve where I can in whatever capacity I am able. We love the community we are in and seek to serve it by bringing the Gospel; the Gospel that transforms lives, and those lives are what will transform communities. I want to see more people with a heart for their community.

Kevin: I would like to see people know their Bibles more than their favorite Christian rap songs.

Omri: The largest issue facing hip hop is the largest issue facing every culture on earth – the need for a greater knowledge of Jesus! I would love to see the Lord increase the urban culture’s love for reading, specifically, reading the timeless truth contained in Scripture. Lord willing, Plumbline will be a small piece of God’s eternal plan to glorify Himself in the church through the gospel around the world.

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