Interview with JG of iSix:5

iSix:5 just dropped their new mixtape, UNPACKED. To download it click the cover to the left. As I am a big fan of Holy hiphop I wanted to find out more about the new mixtape so I connected with JG from iSix:5 and had him answer a few questions for me.

HR:Tell me about UNPACKED, where did the idea come from for the album? How long did it take you to write and record it?

JG:The idea for the album came to be through our desire to leave something in the hands of those we shared the Gospel with on the streets. As we were actively sharing our faith with the community, it was our desire that we could have something tangible to leave people with, that would continue to speak truth to them.

As far as how long it took to get everything banged out, we gave ourselves a deadline, providing about 5 months to write, record, & mix.

HR: How has it been received so far? What kind of feedback have you all been getting?

JG:We’ve received so much support & positive feedback for the project from all over, it’s been great! But by far, the most encouraging has been the responses from our local church bodies; hearing how the songs are actually moving people to get into the Scriptures & read more & learn more about some of the topics &/or characters we covered… it’s just humbling to see!

HR:Tell me about the recording and mixing process?

JG:Ha! That was interesting. We were in The Coal Mine (my studio) just about every Friday night, on our grind til the wee hours of the morning. We all have full time jobs & other responsibilities to balance, & I myself have a wife & son, so Fridays were our only option to really work, subsequently, we did a lot of legwork throughout the week, then crammed a LOT into those Friday nights!

As far as mixing the tracks, I tried to keep up with the progress made, & have as many tracks completed as soon as possible, then went into supergrind mode in the end. Shout out to my beautiful wife & son, who were both very gracious & patient, allowing me the many hours of solitude needed to bang that whole process out!

Where can we find out more about iSix:5?

JG:Well we’ve got short individual, & group bios on our website,, as well as a short video explaining a little but more about the group & this particular project. Aside from that, we’re all easily accessible on facebook to answer questions & build with cats.

HR:If you could be something other than a rapper what would you want to be and why? What do you want to be know for when you die?

JG:The only thing I want to do is convey the truths of the Gospel in Scripture to man, & right now, hiphop affords me that opportunity in a small spectrum. But what my aim is, & that of the other guys as well, is to grow towards some form of leadership in the context of the local church.

I LOVE hiphop, but I know that ultimately, God has ordained the ‘preaching’ of His Word to be the means of His Gospel going forth in power, & there’s only so much that we can pack into 3-4 minutes of music!
So we’ll use this God-given tool as long as He allows, but we’ll be striving towards the qualifications required to lead God’s people in the meantime.

Ultimately, I want my legacy to be that of one who lived a life worthy of the Gospel, who made much of Jesus & the unfathomable riches of His Grace, who shepherded his family in such a way as to glorify God, & who loved & served the Body of Christ.

  1. April 23rd, 2010

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