Book Review: Overcoming Sin and Temptation by John Owen

By Derek

Awesome three part book and definitely a must for all followers of Jesus Christ. This combines Mortification of Sin, Of Temptation, and Indwelling Sin in Believers by John Owen into one complete series. Owen is a little challenging to read at times (much lofty speech, compound sentences, and older language when unnecessary). I would recommend if you have at least an hour to spend per chapter. The book itself is speaking about how to fight sin daily, and that if you are a professing believer and truly love Jesus Christ you need to be serious about fighting sin through the means that God has established: The Holy Spirit.

The biggest ideas that this will hit on include: The place to begin and start fighting sin is always from within our own hearts and that outside influences are not the cause of our sinning but are plausible. Also, that if we are professing faith we have to be fighting against sin, otherwise the fruit that comes from being an actual believer is not evident….”Be killing sin, or it be killing you!” Sin needs to be the biggest fight within a Christians’ life. If our hearts are not being affected by God’s power over sin, and our enabling through the Holy Spirit to defeat sin, we should not be expecting to influence others with the gospel with the same power and authority that Christ has called us to because the message is effective through good messengers. (Not perfect ones, but good is always better than hypocritical)

He also will delve into Temptation in the second portion of this book. The nature of temptation, what it is and what it is not. Where it stems from. How we can fight it, why we must fight it, and the tools in which God has enabled and given us to fight it. This is a challenging portion, especially the first couple of chapters when Owen is discussing the nature of temptation and trying to define it. His basic definition is: Temptation is an inward effect that can either destructive in nature leading to sin, or passive by just causing evil and suffering and therefore being an affliction or trial bringing sanctification. Heavy yet great.

In the last section of the book Owen  brings us to understand the effects and foundation in which sin operates and indwelling sin particular. This is not a force that just speaks to us and try to persuade us to do something, but is ingrained within us from birth and has tainted all of our faculties. Along with that indwelling sin operates basically as a law in and of itself that will do anything and everything against God! It is a law of being unlawful or disobedient. But it does it naturally and with choice, this is the functionality of how indwelling sin operates and if we chose to think differently or neglect this…we lead our walk not in faith and to light but to death and destruction!

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