Interview With Richard Riggall of Shepherd Press (part 3 of 3)

Here is the third and final part of an interview we conducted with Richard Riggall of Shepherd Press.  (For part 1 click here)  (For part 2 click here)

Additionally, Sp has been very gracious and is offering a discount code That give customers a 50% discount on all items in their shopping cart at between now and April 10th. The coupon code is HR50. You will need to be logged in to the Shepherd Press website in order for the coupon to work. To use the coupon code, first add the items you want to purchase to your shopping cart. Then click “View Cart” on the right side of your screen. At the bottom of the shopping cart page is a field titled “Redeem a discount coupon.” Enter the coupon code there and click “Submit.” Then proceed with the checkout process. The coupon code may be used once per customer.

HR:Could you talk about what we can expect from SP in next few months? What new works do you have coming out soon?

SP:We expect the next books to be Loving the Church: Singles and Families in God’s Family by John Crotts and Christ Formed in You by Brian Hedges, but it is not uncommon for some editing or production need to cause a release date to be changed. John Crotts has written Craftsmen for us, and we are pleased to have this new book which deals with the importance of the church in the life of believers. As John says in his book “One of the most powerful helps for all people is their involvement in a church family. Amidst all the calls for husbands, wives, and children to fulfill their biblical roles, sadly, very few people emphasize God’s family as a vital element, and that is a terrible loss both to the particular families and the particular churches of which they could have been a part. The essential role of the church in a believer’s life applies to single believers as well as families…”
Christ Formed in You is almost done being edited. The editing process between the author, Brian Hedges and Kevin Meath, the editor, has been on our website for a number of months, so those interested can visit and read substantial parts of the coming book.  Here is a snippet from the book, “ Jesus is the true Imago Dei. But he also remakes human beings in his image through his work. …because of human rebellion, God’s image within us is disfigured, ruined by evil and sin. … God is bringing redemption and restoration, freeing us from sin’s guilt and slavery…. The vision of God’s glory in Christ in the gospel has transforming power. As we see him, we become like him.”
Shepherd Press will be producing something completely new in the Fall – a conference!  This October in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania  we will be holding our first annual SPA (Shepherd Press Authors) Conference. Rejuvenating  the Gospel in your Marriage & Family will be the focus this Fall, with seven SP authors speaking, and a number more coming!  We think it will be an exciting time.

HR: In addition to publishing SP offers seminars. Could you describe what those seminars cover and how a church or other group interested in attending or hosting one would go about doing that?

SP: Tedd Tripp presents a Friday evening to Saturday afternoon seminar based either on Shepherding a Child’s Heart or Instructing a Child’s Heart. This ministry is managed by Grace Fellowship Church where Tedd Tripp is Pastor, not by Shepherd Press, although we will set up a book table at these Seminars if they are large enough. More information can be found on their website at Follow Shepherding the Heart Ministries.

    • Barbara Reaoch
    • April 20th, 2010

    Where can i find Part 2 of the interview with Richard Riggall?

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