Interview with Richard Riggall of Shepherd Press (part 2 of 3)

Here is the second part of an interview we conducted with Richard Riggall of Shepherd Press. For part 1 click here.

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HR: As I look at the works you’ve published I see a list of some of the most recommend resources at my local church. How is it that you are able to so often publish books that mix rich theological truth with practical means to apply those truths?  How do you hope to continue in such a manner?

SP: It is gratifying to hear that SP books have such a sound reputation at your church.  Of course, the first answer to that question is “The Lord has blessed us.” We are fortunate to have authors who are driven by the same desire; to glorify God and build up the church with such material.  It shouldn’t be considered unusual to find rich theological truth coupled with practical application; robust theology is eminently practical. A book purporting to address some aspect of living as a believer which is not theologically rich is probably some form of self help/works righteousness or does not seriously grapple with the depth of our sin.  It does take work to dig into God’s Word and think through truths about our fallen sinful state, God’s goodness and mercy, and the Grace of the Gospel.  Even after such work has been done, perhaps the larger challenge is finding a fresh and engaging way to communicate those practical applications to parenting , marriage, work, bondage to sins, and so on. For example, John Piper (not an SP author, unfortunately) has brought great blessing to the church by communicating the rich theological perspective of Jonathan Edwards in a voice that connects with listeners and readers today. Sometimes an author and editor work together to recast a section of a book to make it more readable.  Other times several chapters from a manuscript will be sent back to the author to be reworked so there is that satisfying, Biblical marriage of theology and application.  Such attention necessarily takes time. SP publishes a few titles each year, and this pattern will likely remain for the foreseeable future.
We will continue in such a manner only as the Lord continues to bless us. Success can be a great danger.  If we begin to trust in our abilities to attract good manuscripts, to control the editing process, to produce attractive books, to increase sales, to elicit invitations to national conferences, in short, to be a successful publisher, then we are bound to fail. Of course we will work to do all those things, but we must remain trusting in the Lord to bless the work of our hands.  That is not our natural tendency;  the default mode of sinful hearts is self-trust. We are only eleven years old as a publisher; we are working hard to grow our organizational structure to match our level of recognition and horizon of opportunity, but “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain”. ( Ps 122:1 ) Please pray for us.

HR: You asked us to pray for SP, is there any ongoing prayer requests that people can be praying on a regular basis?

SP: Well, for one, as I just indicated, we need to trust in the Lord and not our own abilities. This economy has effected everyone, including publishers. Pray that the Lord would give us the wisdom to know the difference between presumption and timidity as we respond to the impact of the present economic downturn. The staff at SP need God’s Grace to work together as brothers and sisters.  Pray that the Lord will give us patience, courage and love as we work together. I’m sure we need prayer for more than just this, but that is what comes immediately to mind.

Tune in tommorrow for the final instalment of the interview.

Click here for more infomation on Shepherd Press and to purchase there books.


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