The Gospel: UNPACKED

Today is the release of the first album from the group iSix:5. Three of the four members fellowship and submit to the authority with us at Grace Bible Church, and the other member of the group at Roosevelt Community Church.

They have poured many hours and tedious labor into this CD of what I would term “Gospel Hip-Hop” because it legitimately is worshipful music that delivers THE GOSPEL OVER AND OVER in the mode of hip-hop. Their prayers is that it would be to the edification and conviction of the body of Christ, help bring the word of God through the mode of hip-hop to those that have not come to faith and repentance in Jesus, but most importantly all of this to the praise and glory of the gift and skill in which He has given them and to worship Him through song.

The album is available for download on their website, and I pray they are an encouragement for you as these men have been for our body and city!

P.S. Even if you don’t like hip-hop, listen to the album and the lyrics…scripture is brought before your ears and sits on your heart. If you enjoy the album, there are two other albums available for free on the website with their “brother” group The Plumbline Collective.

  1. Derek, Just downloaded it! Thanks!

  2. You’re welcome!!! I’m enjoying the album.

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