God’s Exalted Divine Glory

Ezekiel 1-2

I wanted to share something that has been heavy on my heart for a few days as I have been going through Ezekiel for my daily reading plan. I pray it is an encouragement.

In chapter Ezekiel is visited and speaks with none other than God, YHWH. Before speaking with God though, Ezekiel only sees this Spirit moving and carrying four bizarre creatures that are separate but yet still seem to be in one accord somehow. He describes these creatures in verses 4-21 as being manlike, yet having wings, wheels, four faces (a man, a lion, a bull, and an eagle), and feet of a calf. Needless to say not the typically run of the mill day and every day sighting!

Strangely though Ezekiel actual takes notice of, is captivated by, and has his hearts affections on; not the four creatures, but what (or better stated who) is SITTING ABOVE THEIR HEAD’S! Verse 22-28, Ezekiel describes the likeness of a human with a waist that is sitting upon a throne, and yet is full of fire and surrounded by it. Ezekiel sees this, recognizes the likeness of the glory of YHWH and IMMEDIATELY FELL UPON HIS FACE while a voice began speaking to him. Ezekiel is immediately convicted and understands his position before the One who is seated upon this throne.

This One seated upon the throne speaking is God (2:4) and He is the One who has all of Ezekiel’s thoughts, concerns, affections, and attention. So much so that Ezekiel is unable to stand and actually speak or listen on his own and therefore the Spirit must set him up (2:2).

As I was reflecting on the resurrection, I was thinking about what my response typically is…do I take it like a normal everyday event, or a miracle that has come from and by God’s doing to proclaim, secure, and purchase His people. To my shame I confess it is typically the first. God deserves a response like Ezekiel’s. Complete inability and relying upon the Spirit alone to enable my (our) heart(s) to even behold or speak of the resurrection in the proper manner in which it deserves. To be enthralled, enamored, impressed, reverence, and exultation of our God that has worked all this from eternity past, and the One whom was resurrected Jesus Christ!!!

Grace and Peace,


  1. ouch.

    • Tyler Azeltine
    • April 3rd, 2010

    I was reading this same passage the past few days, and I was actually thinking some of the same things… Like, seeing how majestic the Spirit of God is, how should that paint the things that ordinarally do every day. When I am praying to God, do I realize the power that His Spirit is excercisisng over my own heart? When I pick up the Word of God, do I recognize the amount of work that God must do to reveal himself to a sinner that would love to see his own reflection? God is very kind in showing us pictures of himself and showing us our need for dependence. I am thankful to God for you brother.

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